267: TZ Interview – Gabriel Weinberg / Traction Book

Justin and Jason talk with Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo, about his new book Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers.

Gabriel also appears in the following TechZing shows:

  1. Great interview. I just ordered the book on Amazon.

    Besides the thoughts on traction, the one thing that I kept thinking about during this interview was the amount of effort it took to write this book. I had a conversation with Jason a couple months ago when I was considering writing a book and he advised me against it. I thought at the time I could spend a couple hours a week writing and still maintain focus on my startup. Jason correctly pointed out that it would have been a much bigger investment than I thought and i needed to just focus on my startup. I am amazed by people like Gabriel that are able to put in the amount of effort needed to write a successful book and are running a successful company.

  2. nethy says:

    Guys, you can’t spend an hour talking about a book and then be out of stock.

    I demand a special reserve for TechZing listeners!

  3. nethy says:

    On a more serious note (and since I can’t read the book), I’m curious about the intersection between traction channels and privacy.

    IMO, Facebook’s new ad platform is something to take an interest in. They have huge volume. They have legit demographics and the have an environment that actually lets you utilize demographics and cookie based tracking (for goal attribution and for subsequent filtering and segmentation) effectively. It’s effective as a channel, but its also invasive.

    Gabriel’s possibly in a position to put forward an interesting perspective on this intersection.

    (Great episode, but I’m still demanding this book come back into stock pronto)

  4. Robin says:

    Great interview, Gabriel is so insitefull and had great answers to your questions.