TechZing 68 – Gabriel Weinberg & DuckDuckGo

Justin and Jason speak with serial entrepreneur, author and angel investor Gabriel Weinberg about how he got started as an entrepreneur, the messiness and uncertainty of doing startups, engineering virality, pivoting and serendipity, how and in what ways blogging has benefitted him, getting traction, the importance of customer development, when and how to get funded, why he likes solo entrepreneurs, the infrastructure and technology behind search engine DuckDuckGo and how he’s using Google’s size against them in this David versus Goliath struggle.

  1. Bopinder Abu Morpalinder Singh says:

    lol, miracle function.

  2. Chris Boesing says:

    I really love Gabirel’s attitude. Most people are scared of the idea Google could enter their market, Gabriel is just entering Google’s market.

    Congrats to the mention on ReadWriteWeb today ( )

    Your new theme could really use some color in my opinion or mybe just a logo, but it’s a 100 times better than the old one.

  3. Jason says:

    @Chris Boesing – Yeah, Gabriel was a great guest and I particularly enjoyed his sense of humor.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the RRW mention. I wasn’t even aware of it.

    I’m glad you think the new theme is a move in the right direction and you’re right about the logo and colors. It’s actually just a free WP theme that Justin picked out, but it’s something we can iterate on. The previous theme was so bad that I found it physically painful to look at and I’m convinced it was working against us in attracting listeners. The reason for the change is that Justin wanted me to try to book some higher profile guests (Michio Kaku to name one) and I was like you’re insane if you think I’m going to invite someone like him with our website looking the way it does. 😉

  4. soitgoes says:

    Great show guys. Gabriel is really in the thick of it when it comes to startups and has lots of useful insights. The interview mentioned that Gabriel did with Sean Murphy focuses on customer development and is chock full of pertinent info – I think Sean would make a great guest on any startup related podcast – hint hint 😉

  5. Juha says:

    Awsome show again, keep it up. Grabriel was really inspiring, nothing seems impossible after hearing his story.

    Glad to see you finally updated the website too, looks much cleaner now (made me actually want to leave a comment 🙂 .

  6. William says:

    I think that the swim requirement is based on the rules of some donation to MIT from some parents whose kid drowned…

  7. Aaron says:

    Hey guys:
    Just had to say this episode was fantastic. The timing, content and guest were great. Truly fascinating to hear some of Gabriel’s stories. I’m beginning to think these “miracle functions” have nothing to do with miracles, and everything to do with entrepreneurs working on something that seems crazy at the time, and brilliant at the exit.

    One of my new favorite podcasts – keep it up!

    Founder, StartMetrics

  8. Jason says:

    @Aaron – Thanks for the positive feedback! Gabriel was a great guest and it was a lot of fun interviewing him.

  9. Wow this was another “must-absolutely-listen” show! Great job on the interview and the content. I really love the balance between the interview and the discussion shows. One to learn and one to relax, drink coffee while enjoying the chat!

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