Techzing 50 – The REAL Dvorak

Justin and Jason speak with John C. Dvorak about his life as a writer and podcaster and how he got started as a tech pundit, how he arranges his work day and why he likes having a lot to do, the advantages of the listener supported business model and how to do it right, the importance of contention in a podcast and how much of his grouch persona is natural versus cultivated, the benefits of being Internet famous, how his various podcasts came into being and how they’ve evolved, how long it takes him to prepare for a show and who produces them, his learning curve in broadcasting, how to promote a podcast and how it seems to take at least eighteen months for a podcast or blog to gain traction.

  1. soitgoes says:

    Jason and Justin that was a bit of a scoop getting John C Dvorak! I’ve always enjoyed John’s sardonic manner and love to watch Cranky Geeks when I get chance. Very interesting show. Thanks.

  2. Jason says:

    @soitgoes Yeah, I was personally very surprised that Dvorak agreed to do the show, but all credit goes to Justin as he was the one who did the booking.

  3. Alex Gemmell says:

    JV! I am disappointed you didn’t tell him about This Week about Tech! 😉

  4. Congrats guys, a very compelling listen, and one of my favorite Techzing episodes!
    Loved the Dvorak “Sly-Skype theory” tagged as an outtake segment. Even if you can’t track the metrics of actual listeners, it’d make alot of sense to simply increase “stay, please” incentives such as gaffs in the outtakes, Justin and Jason’s app choice of the week, easter-egg segments with special promos from select sponsors etc.

  5. Bopinder Abu Morpalinder Singh says:

    Hey, how about an intro next time! I have no idea who this guy is…

  6. Jason says:

    @Bopinder Abu Morpalinder Singh Sorry about that. I guess we assumed everyone knew who John C. Dvorak was.

  7. Emrah says:

    Great show!

    When I saw the title of the show (before reading the details), the first thing that popped into my head was the keyboard though. 🙂

  8. Yeah me too I kept thinking of the keyboard – I had not kept to date with what John was now up to. It was interesting to hear his perspective on juggling multiple media projects, organizing his time, as well as donation-oriented podcasts. I have never listened to any of his podcasts though – I have too many already plus I tend to favor “indie” podcasts like yours! More flavor and more character plus deeper content!

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