217: TZ Interview – Rob Walling / HitTail, Drip and So Much More

Justin and Jason talk with Rob Walling about his recent success with HitTail, his new project, Drip, and other assorted startup topics.

  1. The idea of matching “failed founders” with established entrepreneurship that have something going like Rob is awesome. Even before you guys brought this up, I was thinking how great it would be to learn under someone like Rob. The only weird thing is that while it would be mutually beneficial, it is always going to be very difficult to find and set up these types of relationships. Developers are in such high demand that if someone isn’t trying to do their own thing and they want something more stable, they can easily get a job at a well established company. It is rare to have someone that wants to run their own startup, but defers their aspirations for a couple years in order to be able to learn under a strong mentor.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode. I definitely recommend the first episode about HitTail to recent listeners as it is very interesting story.

    I like the idea about Drip, and had been wondering who would jump on that concept, back over a year ago when I experienced and enjoyed Justin’s Pluggio drip campaign!

  3. On the topic of “failed founders” I’m not exactly failed, but I’d be super interested in a relationship like that as well 🙂