165: TZ Interview – Rob Walling / HitTail

Justin and Jason talk with Rob Walling about the acquisition and release of his new site HitTail.

  1. Nethy says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve just caught up on episodes and what a reward!

    This was an incredible episode. You all sounded in a great mood and it you’ve both gotten really good at running this show. It’s really got a great personality – The way Jason was trying to keep things orderly and Justin was trying to skip to the end is a perfect example.

    The whole episode “read” like a story.

    BTW Justin, I’m gonna drop by Paddy Power and see what odds they give me on an AnyFu launch in 2012.

  2. Jason says:

    @Nethy – Thanks! Yeah, I really enjoyed doing the show. Rob is a great guy, so it’s always fun to have him on, especially when he has something interesting to talk about like HitTail.

  3. Jordy says:

    Yeah great episode guys……really enjoyed this one! Not sure microconf fits in the budget but if I can swing it, hope to see you there.

  4. Eoin says:

    I signed up my main site for HitTail after hearing Rob speak about it on his podcast.

    It’s going to be part of my strategy for some time to come, although there are more suggestions than my blog can handle!

    One interesting thing that comes to mind is how HitTail acts as a complex system with feedback to the content creator (if that’s the correct terminology for it).

    What I mean is that the tool gives you feedback, and you write more on those key terms. In turn, you’ll get a slightly different set of keyword suggestions coming from traffic to that newer content.

    Over time, the suggestions could take you in a direction away from your original topic.

    At least the owner just applies common sense. It’s usually immediately obvious to me if I should follow up on a suggestion or not, since I know the content I want to cover. So there’s no harm to it, but it’s just an interesting little thing to think that HitTail could bring your content to slightly different topics over time.

    Anyway, I’d recommend it to anyone who produces content online regularly.

  5. Martin Baker says:

    Well I’m glad it wasn’t another doom and gloom depression show! Jason was particularly cheeky and funny this episode. Fave line – “at least it wasn’t running on Windows Me”.

  6. Dan says:

    Excellent show guys, I really enjoyed this one. Love the idea you guys discussed about adding content services on to the backend of hittail.

  7. Tom Horn says:

    Amazing show guys. This one is my new favorite. Well done 🙂

  8. EggHead says:

    Best podcast you guys have done …

  9. Ecio says:

    Great show, im currently listening to it now… just a sidenote: you suggest to use nodejs and mongodb to rearchitect the system: dont you think that Mongodb’s global write locking could be a problem for such a write-intensive use case?
    Dont you think it would be better another (no)sql db?

  10. Yep, this show was great. Full of good energy! Rob is an excellent guest and I am in no way jealous of his 4 TZ appearances. 😉

  11. Glenn Norton says:

    Great show. Found you guys through startups for the rest of us. It was great to hear Rob give details on the acquisition and great to hear you guys give him a hard time for the four day week! Great stuff!

  12. steve reynolds says:

    Now that was a meaty podcast!

    thank you for going into all the detail.

    Great job to all!

  13. Hi, I included this podcast in my latest issue of Freelancing Weekly (http://freelancingweekly.com/issue-12).

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