What Listeners Say

I really like how the show is alternating between interviews and discussions. I especially like the informal interviews like this one where you ask questions but there is a lot of general discussion like non-interview shows. The informality of TechZing is one of the main reasons I’m a fan.
Dan DeFelippi

Great interview with top questions just make want to get more stuff done. Thanks for that guys.
Joao Da Silva

I’m really excited that you guys are releasing multiple shows per week now. Keep it up!

Last five shows were great. Many laughs for my commute from Mahwah to Queens. … The AI show was intergalatic.
Michael Richards

I started listening to the show after following Justin on twitter for a little while. I was really impressed with the quality tweets. The ‘startup/zing’ description of the podcast kept me away until I listened and discovered that the show is more about product development than CEO hot air or ‘zinging’ the latest tech mishaps. The technology and developer POV is what I love, but the more i listen the more I appreciate the business/entrepreneur side of the podcast.
Rob Walch

Bopinder Abu Morpalinder Singh

Another interesting show. I must say I am glad that you will be pushing two podcasts per week, I really enjoy both the informal chats and the interviews, last weeks interview with Chris McCann was very good.

Sweet, two shows a week!
Taylor Norrish

Another interesting show with many different topics (that’s what makes me come back to each new episode).
Philippe Monnet

Thank you Jason and Justin, you are the sunshine of my feed reader. I just love when it show up as I have a great show to listen while commuting.

That was another fun show, thanks! I think it works for you because (in addition to your talent and compatibility) you’re not glued to a particular topic or entity. Most podcasts have a specific agenda and after a while they get kinda boring.

Dear TechZing, how I missed thee!
Ozzy B.

I really enjoy techzing podcast (and i wait for it), so thank you for doing it.
Ayoub M.

Well, that was, quite frankly, the most awesomest show evar.
Alex Gemmell