168: TZ Interview – Patrick Collison / Stripe

Justin and Jason talk to Patrick Collison, co-founder of the online payment processing startup, Stripe.

  1. sinzone says:

    We believe that Stripe is a great solution, but we decided to go with Braintree cause Stripe does not suport Third Party Payments aggregation.

  2. Great interview, guys. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. I recently started using Stripe for my SaaS app and had a similar experience – simply awesome. The analysis about Stripe’s fees was helpful too. For me, it is well worth it not having to worry about the ‘hidden’ fees other processors impose.

  3. This was a great interview with good storytelling. Nice job on drilling in the “miracle function” too!
    Like Justin I always thought the name had come from the magnetic strip of a credit card.

    The discussion on the value proposition of stripe, especially the pricing was very enlightening. The main points were:
    – competitors keep all the various fees and surcharge opaque (e.g. gateway fee, PCI fee, international card fee, Amex, etc.)
    – Stripe sort of finds a middle point to make pricing match fair value (i.e. does not for failed charge attempts)
    – the high degree of integration does save time and money since other competitors often still only provide paper channel statements and reports making it difficult to reconcile fees and so on.
    – Patrick indicated they plan on improving the pricing as companies scale

    Being a Rubyist I found it cool that the platform was built on core Ruby and Sinatra. 🙂
    Overall I think that the focus that Stripe has on developers and easy integration is quite fascinating. So thanks for inviting Patrick.

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