156: TZ Discussion – To Uber HQ and Back

Justin and Jason discuss the tradeoffs of various payment options for AnyFu, Jason’s recent trip to Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco, Justin’s evolving partnership with Company 52 and Pluggio’s new design, the possibility of starting a TZ Fund, how news is like junkfood, MongoGate, Node.js for beginners, how to increase your “follow me on Twitter” conversions, why Justin unsubscribed from AppSumo, why Anonymous isn’t as anonymous as they need to be, the secret U.S. panel that can put Americans on a “kill list”, why the feds want to be able to lie about the existence of public records, and how the New York Times is suing the federal government for refusing to reveal its secret interpretation of the PATRIOT Act.

  1. Zach says:

    When discussions on Hacker News come up about salaries I always try to avoid them because they just make me sad. Apparently neurobiology in acadamia is not a high paying job heh.

    While not the only reason, it is certainly a contributing factor why I’m getting back into software development. I don’t know what I was thinking when I switched majors back in college. =P

    Fun episode, enjoyed the stories from Uber and the AnyFu discussion. I think direct deposit is the way to go – I think people would much rather have direct deposit straight to their account rather than fussing around with Paypal transfers.

  2. Matt S says:

    I don’t see why you couldn’t do something like this:

    Payout options:
    AnyFu takes a flat 10% commission. Here’s how you can get paid…

    – Immediately: Money (-3% for transfer fees) is transferred directly into your PayPal account
    – Net30: Money is sent to you via check or ACH deposit on a 30 day cycle, no transfer fees

  3. Jason says:

    @Matt S – Yep, I think we’re going to offer a few different options as you suggested.

  4. Mikael Green says:

    Are you thinking of AnyFu as an international service or primarily a US service? Check payments don’t necessarily work that well in many countries – last time I used a check was…in the US back in ’92. 🙂 Offering several options is probably a good idea. And it’s probably fine not having all of them up and running from day one.

    BTW, did you hear Mike and Rob at Startups for the rest of us adopted your model of giving an update on their own startups every other episode. The TechZing format! 😉

  5. I really enjoyed the conversation about AnyFu especially since the split payment is an interesting problem to solve. I am pretty sure that there are fees to for ACH transactions. I also don’t think people are going to like waiting for and having to deposit their check. Plus you don’t want to be in the business of having to cut checks as it will suck a lot of your time unless you’re willing to get a part time accountant or assistant.
    I would really love it if you could have an interview show with someone from either Paypal or another payment gateway vendor.

  6. Jason says:

    @Philippe Monnet – Yeah, the payment problem is a complicated one, but I think we’re close to having a “good enough” solution to start. We can then evolve it as we get a better handle on all of the trade-offs.

    We’re in fact already trying to set up an interview with a payment gateway vendor, which should make for an interesting show.