techZING! 8 – Dude, Where’s My Database?!

Justin & Jason talk to Jonathan Ellis about how Facebook’s open sourced Cassandra Project took lessons learned from Amazon’s Dynamo and Google’s BigTable to tackle the difficult problem of building a highly scalable, always available, distributed data store. We also discuss how to join, get taken seriously and get commit access within an established and large open source project such as Cassandra.

  1. Jimmy Coyne says:

    Guys, another great podcast but you got to bring Jonathan Ellis back for part 2.

  2. @Jimmy Coyne

    Absolutely! At the end of the show Jonathon had to run and his Skype connection dropped out anyway so it all ended kind of abuptly, but we’re definitely going to bring him back. The distribued DB stuff is extremely cool and Justin and I were both left with a bunch of questions we wanted to ask.

  3. Logan says:

    Love the show, keep it coming : )

  4. Kemal says:

    Regarding the SQL abstraction layer you guys were discussing towards the end of the podcast, check out this project (something that started as an internal project at Amazon):

  5. Ori Lahav says:

    Regarding getting all the keys from DHT DB. I found that Tokyo cabinet/Tyrant expose the ability to iterate over a node keys.

  6. Ori: yes, but like bdb, TC only gives you the HT part of DHT (i.e., it’s not distributed). It’s easy to iterate all the keys when they are on a single machine.

  7. Kyle Patrick says:

    Interesting podcast. Lot of banging in the background though.

  8. Thierry says:

    Great show, amazing guest, sound quality and hosts. This will be my 2nd go to tech/programming podcast after Stackoverflow.

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