92: TZ Interview – Ilya Lichtenstein / insight.io

Justin and Jason interview Internet marketing expert and founder of insight.io Ilya Lichtenstein about how to find the best sources of paid traffic, the benefits of niche media buys, keyword and demographic targeting on Facebook, competitor bidding and re-targeting, optimizing the funnel, the importance of Analytics and number crunching, A/B and multivariate testing and what he learned by helping 150 startups with their marketing.

  1. Great podcast.

    Lots of good info from Ilya, I am inspired to go and try some new ad campaigns.

  2. Using pluggio and AppIgnite for example campaigns was a great idea. I really liked Ilya’s ideas for AppIgnite, makes me think outside the standard keywords and search terms.

    This podcast was SEM 101/102. Intro to SEM plus some good tips for people who already use it.

    There’s a typo in the last link, “startu-ps”.

  3. Jason says:

    @Sam – I’m glad you liked it. I think you were one of the people who asked for some more on startup marketing, so hopefully this will hold you for a while. 😉

  4. Jason says:

    @Dan – Thanks I just fixed the typo.

    Yeah, people learn better when given specific examples that can reinforce and illustrate general principles and it probably helps even more when the example are familiar. An added bonus is that we get free consulting advice from experts! 😉

    By the way, we still owe you a shout-out for your blog post about the show just in case you thought we forgot. 😉 Thanks again for that.

  5. olius says:

    the webapp sounds promising. great talk.
    great tips indeed.

  6. Any chance of a transcript? I can read 1:20 worth of interview a lot faster than I can hear it, and get more from it.


  7. Jason says:

    @Peter Whittaker – Yeah, we agree that it would be really useful to have transcripts for the shows. Justin and I have some ideas of how to make it happen and we’ll discuss them on this weekend’s show. Thanks for bringing this up as you have helped to spur us into action. 😉

  8. Neville says:

    Great episode! I forgot how powerful Facebook can be for targeted ads.

    …reading comments…I just realized what a great idea transcripts are, the meta-data that a transcript will generate will drive tons of traffic to Techzing, good thinking.

    @Jason do you have an AppIgnite ETA? I had lunch with a entrepreneur today, multiple ideas came up that would make great demos on AppIgnite. I’m ready to start building!

    Keep up the great work guys.

  9. Jason says:

    @Neville – I’m glad you liked the show. It was quite an education for me, so I could use a transcript myself. Justin, will you get on that please?! 😉

    Anyway, I will start a very small private beta (10-15 people) by the end of the month and you’re in. Think of it like being one of the Delta Force guys parachuting in behind enemy lines with little to no support. It will be rough going probably, but you’ll have access and your complaints and requests will be put at the front of the queue.

  10. Justin says:

    I’ve had an awesome idea on how to get the shows transcribed, you’ll hear more about it on this weeks discussion show….

  11. Wow another fabulous show for any “techy-not-so-markety” entrepreneur like me! 😉

    So a few recurring themes:
    – Write good “hooks”
    – A/B test over and over – use multi-variate testing
    – Tracking as much data as possible so you know what works vs. what does not
    – Don’t just focus on conversion rate but also include Customer Lifetime value

    A few new key things I learned from this show:
    – In your first campaign(s) you tend to pay to get data (what kind of traffic, keywords, etc). Then in later campaigns you tend to pay for real traffic and conversions
    – Dirty secret: “most campaigns fail”
    – Use social searches: target your customers’ “Likes” (not just demographics/profile data)

  12. Jason says:

    @Philippe Monnet – Great synopsis! One thing I’d add off the top of my head is that with Facebook ads you can actually target people by their job title, which I think could be extremely effective. I’m definitely going to try that with AppIgnite.

  13. The example he gave of taking AppIgnite and marketing it via Excel use cases/functions as keywords. Pure genius! *bowdown* *bowdown*.

    Great interview! Literally oozing with great info.