89: TZ Interview – David Cancel / Performable

Justin and Jason speak with guest David Cancel, founder and CEO of web analytics startup Performable, about the value of advanced analytics and the importance of testing assumptions, how they adjusted their pricing structure to find product market fit, the strategies they used to find their first customers and how they developed long-term relationships with them, how they launched without a product and why he loves building something out of nothing.

  1. Some great takeaways from this episode that stuck out for me:

    1. Give StumbleUpon ads a try.
    2. People actually become more invested in you when they do something to help you, rather than the other way around.

    Of course there were plenty more, but these are the ones that I’m going to go out and try today.

  2. William says:

    Very interesting!

  3. Robin says:

    What a great interview, very interesting and insightful.
    Very good examples of how incorrect signaling can attract the wrong demographic.
    I know I have commented this before but I love the way you ask the questions to get to the nuts and bolts of why something works or the reason your guest made a certain decision.
    I also thought it was interesting that even though David is very successful he was still bookmarking your suggestions and willing to listen to your suggestions.

    Another great show!!

  4. I really enjoyed listening to the show while putting up the Christmas lights up! 😉
    The interview had a nice and relaxed style while at the same time covering quite a bit.

    The discussion on the phased pricing increase was quite interesting especially the part where David said that some customers were not taking them seriously enough for large enterprises based on the lower price compared to larger competitors.

    At some point David mentioned that they give away some free tools – here is the location: http://www.performable.com/love/.

    The white papers and case studies on the Performable site seem quite interesting and I plan on checking them out even though the service is way out of my league (at least for a while).

  5. Neville says:

    @Jason Ok, I’m convinced, build the mailing list first and the product 2nd, …And also use the subscribers to shape the product. BTW, I’m ready to start shaping.

    Appiginite Pricing! Finally! …uh-oh, I can’t afford a mid-sized company price-tag. I hope i can get in on the early adopter offer. 😉

    Another great episode, thanks guys

  6. Awesome show once again guys. Your podcast has turned into a must listen on my startup journey. Very insightful info from David and you both on this one. Keep them coming!