TechZing 69 –

Justin and Jason discuss the importance of coming up with a good title when submitting to Hacker News, paths to building karma on Hacker News and how Justin got banned, the cognitive bias known as Anchoring and how it’s utilized in pricing, using Wordoid and Domize to find a good domain name, whether .biz is lame, the importance of defensible IP, the 60X speed improvement of Chrome 7, why Jason avoids video games, Justin’s email startup idea – Email God and why everyone hates it, how to go from idea to launching, the possibility of doing a daily morning show, the single most important secret to successhow to estimate the annual revenues of a company, the effect of color on driving customer actionbalancing imitation and innovation, Jason’s warning against working for equity and the all-time best source code comment.

  1. Oh Wow! Did you guys get bought out by Apple? Nice layout!

  2. Jason says:

    @ Eddy – No, but we’re open to negotiations if you happen to have any contacts at Apple. 😉

    After all my bitching about how ugly our old theme was, I think Justin decided it was worth the time to try to find and tweak a new one than to listen to anymore of my complaining. While it’s a long way from awesome, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  3. I like the new theme but I miss the number of comments on the home page. Sometimes I go back to check the comments on older shows. With the new theme I have to click on the show to see the number of comments.

  4. Chris says:

    @Michael I had the same thought. But now im subscribed to the comments as well as the posts.

    Yet to listen to the podcast, saving it for the trip into work in the morning, its always a pleasure to hear you guys.

  5. ericzoo says:

    Did the new layout have any effect on any site metric? no of comments, listeners, bounce rate?

  6. ericzoo says:

    feature request! get a WP ajax comment plugin so that the podcast wont restart when i submit a comment. Tnx!

  7. Yeah – like the new site design 🙂

  8. I like the new design, much better!

    .biz is a horrible TLD. I’d never use anything other than .com unless it’s a domain hack. Non .com domains seem unprofessional and amateur.

    Our Node Knockout team used Polymaps to build Killnode. We ended up having to use image tiles for the maps because iOS can’t handle the SVG maps.

    If you’re working on your own or with one person it’s not a big deal to skip the specs. But if you work with a team or build something that will need to be maintained by someone else in the futures you really need good specs and tests. I maintain a few large projects that were written by other people and have no documentation. It’s a nightmare to make updates, even after working with the code for a few years now. If I had clear documentation it would be easy to figure out what needs to change instead of having to track through many different files and DB tables.

  9. Yuck, .biz 😉

    Seriously though, .biz is associated with scam brands and products, so for many it’s a bad first impression.

    You’d have to disinfect your brand from the .biz associated stink.

  10. Jason says:

    @ericzoon – I don’t think we’re tracking those kinds of metrics, but that would be interesting to know. We should probably look into using Google Analytics or something, but at the moment all we really watch is the number of downloads per episode. Do you have any specific suggestions for what we should use for tracking statistics?

    I’ll talk to Justin about the possibility of using WP ajax comment plugin or maybe it might be worth using something like Disqus. Have you tried any of the other comment systems.

  11. Jason says:

    @Alex Gemmell – Thanks! Yeah, it doesn’t seem that anyone is missing the old theme, which is amazing considering how rare it is that you can get a consensus on anything much less a design. I guess that means the old theme was about as ugly as they come. 😉

  12. Jason says:

    @Dan DeFelippi – When I say things like “I don’t write specs” I sometimes forget to qualify the statement so that people understand that I’m speaking purely from an ‘army of one’ perspective and not suggesting that it’s how a team of developers should go about things. Also, I agree completely about the importance of thorough documentation.

  13. Jason says:

    @Taylor Norrish – Yeah, .biz is about as uncool as it gets and is why makes me laugh. 😉

  14. TMUser says:


    Also remember that your target audience are developers (think command line) so are less picky than if your site was aimed towards designers, then this design would be a whole different story.

  15. Justin says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned my singing @ 1:28:47 😉

  16. Robin says:

    I thought this was your funniest episode, there were a few laugh out loud moments in there, not to mention Justin’s rendition of Never gonna give you up after the outro music.

  17. Justin says:

    @Robin – Thx 🙂

  18. Emrah says:

    Never gonna give you up made my day! 😀

  19. William says:

    For anchoring, there are a couple of fun books:
    “predictably irrational”

  20. William says:

  21. Justin, I loved your rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up! I was laughing so hard on my commute. You really made my day! 🙂

    .biz? Hmmm, how about .noway ?

    The “launch list” was pretty strange. I can’t believe it would really target startup entrepreneurs. Especially the suggestions to write detailed specs. In my day job for a financial company that makes sense and even then you have to find a balance between reasonable minimum requirements and specs on one hand and speed of delivery of apps providing the right functionality to the business.
    But for a startup? For my off the clock work on I created rendering and took some good notes on the process and design but I would have never used the same type of lifecycle.

  22. May be you could “hack” the auto-transcriptions service that youtube offers so you can get machine generated transcriptions for the podcasts. The examples I’ve seen have a different layer for the subtitles, so there has to be a way to extract the text (even if it means to ocr the text layer :D)
    It’s better than nothing and at least it could made a nice blog post: “Taking advantage of youtube’s auto-transcription for podcasts”

  23. Jason says:

    @William – I’ve had both Nudge and Predictably Irrational on my Amazon Wish List for a while now, but I think it may be about time to pull the trigger. Thanks for reminding me.

  24. Jason says:

    @Oscar Barracel – Hmmm…that’s a very interesting idea. I will investigate and report my findings on the next show.

  25. Love the podcast! You guys crack me up sometimes! I love how Jason always goes “oh! oh! one more thing, one more thing!” like an excited school kid!

    Also, it’ll be great to be a “listener guest” on your show! I couldn’t do it before sue to being away in Belfast at the times JV suggested. I did reply to JV and tried to engage him in email-chat but alas I’ve not heard back!! Check your emails JV!