TechZing 58 – David Fogel / Evolving A World-Class AI

Justin and Jason (along with guest host Sébastien Arnaud) interview David Fogel about his background in machine learning, his experience evolving the grandmaster level checkers playing algorithm Blondie 24, his thoughts on the applicability of various machine learning techniques, his ideas on how to develop a competitive AI for Swarm, his experience with Natural Selection, Inc., a company he co-founded with his father, and why he believes it’s important to work on things that interest you.

  1. I have listen only half of the podcast (so far) and I must say that you it is a pleasure to listen David talk and share his knowledge with everyone. Not only that but him giving honest feedback about Swarm and find out that he likes it as well. Very well done.

  2. The book referenced is an amazingly high quality book. I read it ten years ago, and it has fundamentally affected my approach to a huge class of problems ever since.

    Granted the book is somewhat casually written, and very light on code, it’s still absolutely worth any developer’s time.

  3. Kurt Neufeld says:

    Which book would that be? (can’t listen to podcast at work)

  4. Jason says:

    @Kurt Neufeld
    Blondie24: Playing at the Edge of AI

  5. Wow this was a great show! As a CS major I was completely stoked!
    One great quote from David: “Don’t wait for people to fund your great ideas, just go do them”. I wrote that one down – very appropriate for all of us.

  6. @Philippe Monnet I agree – that it an awesome quote! I’ll have to use that as the quote of the week in next week’s discussion show. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  7. Darryl says:

    Fantastic podcast! David does an excellent job of describing evolutionary computing and the various fields that it can be applied to. The insight that is given should intrigue anyone that has an interest in real world AI as well as how following your passion could lead you to a very interesting career

  8. Jason says:

    Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed it. David is a really interesting guy.

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