Techzing 49 – PubNub / Scaling the Real-time Web

Justin and Jason speak with the co-founders of PubNub about how they’ve built a real-time data service that works across all major browsers and mobile devices and is capable of scaling to 300K connections per server with latencies measured in mere milliseconds.

  1. soitgoes says:

    Wow another top interview. I too find that the bootstrapped businesses have a more compelling and inspiring story to tell. Weaving these great interviews with daring tales from AppIgnite, Swarm and Pluggio makes for a great podcast. Thanks guys!

  2. Jason says:

    @soitgoes Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! We have another great interview coming up next, so please stay tuned. 😉

  3. Stuart says:

    Enjoyed the interview. As far as needing PubNub for Justin’s game, maybe it’d make sense to connect the ipads peer to peer using the objective c api? I haven’t used it before, but a quick google suggests it’s possible

    Wouldn’t solve the match making problem, but could work well in game as long as you could pass the data to the web app running inside it

  4. Loved that episode due to the amount of energy! Listening to the process of evaluating the different technology options, the implementation, as well as the testing approach was fascinating to me (probably because I’m an architect). I will definitely have to try this out and blog about it at some point. For example I am now curious to try this out with an Appcelerator app.
    The business bootstrapping was also interesting to listen to.
    Thanks for the show and have a great 4th!