307: TZ Discussion – Live Forever or Die Trying

Justin and Jason discuss CRISPR’s impact on curing diseases and on building muscles, the results of a promising new anti-aging druga pill that makes exercise obsolete, and a nanoparticle drug that turns calorie-hoarding white fat into calorie-burning brown fat, the TV show Future Man, the upcoming season of X-FIles, why Justin can’t go to movies, The Cheesecake Factory, Las Vegas, or country music concerts, Justin’s recent purchase of 500 OMG, trading cryptocurrencies and lessons from the Dotcom bust, how Justin got an article on Forbes, the changes to the technology and development team at Modern Teacher, Justin’s Nugget strategy, Jason’s plan to level-up Colby’s coding skills, the latest wiith Math Academy and how Jason is accelerating the development of the platform’s content and technology via outsourcing, when to use a modern Javascript framework, what Jason tracks with his new Fitbit and Justin’s struggle with exercise, how Jason met a real-life Mater, and what to watch out for when having your iPhone screen replaced.

  1. Steve French says:

    What is the website you use for mockups?

  2. Justin says:
  3. Danilo Celic says:

    Nice tip on the Forbes tech council…or should I say tech coun-shill 😉

    @Justin, I’m intrigued by the momentum tracker, as I can see that being something beneficial for a variety of SaaS projects, even if it’s only used on the back-end to see how successful new features/workflows are, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    @Jason, it’s amazing to hear how the math academy has progressed, especially being able to let go of control of some things for the greater good!