306: TZ Discussion – Better Late Than Never

Justin and Jason discuss the latest developments with Math Academy, Jason’s success with cryptocurrencies, Justin’s thoughts on Nugget and his upcoming startup course, why Phil is stuck in LA, Laravel and Vue.js, what Colby learned at computer camp, and what to do if North Korea launches a nuclear weapon.

  1. Jon says:

    I’m looking forward to trying out Catalyst academy.

    In preparation for some other work with linear algebra, I thought I might try and refresh all my high school math after many many years of it fading away. Khan Academy *supposedly* can give you a quiz, find out what you need to learn, and then fill in the gaps but the process was a mess. It was asking me things I knew perfectly and really wanted to to just skip. But when that was complete, I was still bouncing around between 8th grade ‘what coordinates are these on a graph’ and a complicated optimization problems requires graphing and solving multivariate equations.

    It feels like they could really have something there with another iteration. It’s really tuned towards homechooled kids and preventing skipping, so if you accidentally put a typo in something, you might end up doing 5th grade problems over and over again until it’s convinced you actually know that thing.

  2. Damn I’ve missed listening to you guys. That was far too long of a break!

    Jason – it’s amazing and hugely inspiring to hear the well deserved success you’re having. I think even this alone is a reason to keep the podcast going so those of us who have listened from the beginning can hear how everything has turned out and continues to grow.

    Justin – I wish you hadn’t dropped the price of Nugget just because one customer didn’t follow through with things. It’s not too late to revert that decision. I also can’t help feeling you’re trying to do too much with it. The course you talked about sounds like a great idea but I think you’re being unnecessarily hard on yourself about the lack of progress from members. You can’t force people to do things! It’s up to them to use the information you’re giving them and take it to the next level. As long as they’re still paying the subscription 🙂 , it’s not your problem if they don’t act on the advice.

  3. Justin says:

    @Martin Baker – Thanks for the follow up. Regarding nugget, price isn’t the issue. The basic premise is flawed as the standard subscriber only stays 3-6 months. It’s not really possible to build a long term revenue stream with that kind of churn rate. Here’s the thinking behind the pivot:

    A) Provide better value and a better product to this market
    B) Remove churn from the equation by charging more up front
    C) Get people to launch something for realz 😉

  4. Jed says:

    Here is the highlight video in case (for me as for you) it wasn’t obvious to click the “Math Academy” link, then the “SOLVE” menu item on the top right:


  5. Andrew Dyster says:

    I’m just catching up with all the episodes after falling off the techzing bandwagon for a while. Just listened to episode 300 where you reflect on techzing history. However, you never talked about $$. What ever happened to that? 🙂