304: TZ Discussion – The Clone War

Justin and Jason discuss how the English have lost their American accent and their plan to get the show back on a more regular schedule, Justin’s workout anti-pattern and his new 800 calorie diet, Jason’s plan to overcome some long-term injuries, the sudden appearance of a Nugget clone and Justin’s less-than-optimal reaction, the business Justin is starting with Georgie, the latest with the Math Academy, and why Justin’s prediction for the future of VR weight loss has yet to be proven.

  1. Bob says:

    Justin, I think you buried the lead with the nugget clone segment. I think the main. Complaint was “outing” a client with screenshots of their data etc which called into question the privacy of customer data and how data is used/protected. You handled the aftermath well though

  2. Justin says:

    > “You handled the aftermath well”

    That’s all I heard 😉

    But seriously, it was a pretty bad experience and glad it’s all over.

  3. Ivan says:

    Loved the show so full of useful information, like what not to do when you are felling angry 🙂

    Reminded me of the early days of the podcast when you used to discuss your missteps and analyze them in some length.

    @justin don’t beat yourself over this, we all make mistakes the important thing is that you acknowledged and corrected yours

  4. Justin says:

    @ivan Thanks for the kind words 🙂