301: TZ Discussion – Junk News

Justin and Jason discuss comments from the previous two shows, Justin’s preoccupation with the election, how it affected his productivity and why Jason avoids spending too much time on the news, Justin’s plan for his first Nuggetcourse and his nagging doubts about the service, his recent health efforts, and his role at Modern Teacher, Jason’s three-year-old idea for an experience-based startup and its similarity to Airbnb Experiences, his plan to hold an end-of-the-year Math Academy competition at Caltech modeled after the MIT Integration Bee and his recent efforts to push the program forward, the movies Arrival and Passengers, the television shows The Walking Dead, Westworld, Mr. Robot and Black Mirror, Elon Musk’s plan to launch low-latency, worldwide satellite Internet, Britain’s new surveillance law, Jason’s recent purchase of Tesla shares, why Justin is worried about Elon Musk, and the security startup Defence for Startups.

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  1. Hi ,
    You should create your own podcast on nugget so you can increase the Nuggets profile as a community.
    Interview potential people that have questions , so it is like FAQ for people that dont get what nugget is and Interview current users on their way to making a startup.

    Wohoo I got a name call out on the podcast.

    I think you should look at increasing the breadth of what Nugget is , as i believe there is a market for people that dont know what to do next, kind of like YC for before YC.


  2. Alex C says:

    Nice show.
    I was super in shock hearing Justin say he doesn’t know about all these popular awesome shows & movies.
    Mr Robot?, Arrival?, the ads are all over the place.! where do you live?! hehe
    I’ll recommend a good one “Halt and Catch Fire”

    anyways, cool topics

  3. Matt S says:

    I put a $1000 bet on Trump winning the election about six months ago — paid out 9x! I posted a comment on Ep 293 about Scott Adams’ coverage of Trump and it proved to be scary good at predicting and explaining some of the ways he was exploiting the irrational side of humans and playing the media.

  4. Justin says:

    @Edwin Ashdown – Yeah, I have been thinking about that for a while. I guess there is a lot of overhead in starting up a podcast for realz and I’ve been waiting for the right indication that it’s time to do that. Might be getting closer to that now though.

    @Alex C – Jason had NO CLUE who Leonard Cohen was… and I get shit for not knowing a few pop culture shows, jeesh 😉

    @Matt S – Well you f**ing rock. You nailed it.

  5. Shawn Muldrew says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for not stopping at 300. Always enjoy the show.

    Justin, while listening to the discussion on Nugget I had a thought about something you could try to implement to help keep the “Nuggeters” on track. For each stage in your startup course you could schedule a recurring meetup (through google hangout or some other tech) and have 4-5 of the “Nuggeters” sign up to demo some form of progress they’ve made on their product (marketing, design, development, etc). Short demos and feedback sessions. The “Nuggeters” are invited to the meetup that matches their current stage in your startup lifecycle course.

    Nothing earth shattering here, but came to mind as Jason was discussing having an accountability framework. Having meetups and demos could help with that and also kickstart further community discussions.

  6. Danilo Celic says:

    @Shawn, Y Combinator has demo days that seems to be similar to what you’re suggesting.

    @Justin, close on the pronunciation of my first name. 🙂 The Nugget discussion about what to do next…I liked the idea of calling the learning/action blocks “missions” goes well with the theme of the astronaut logo. Ender’s Game just pops to mind, where the new recruits are called “launchies”. Maybe even call it a “launch sequence”. Think about the launch sequence in any movie where every person responsible for a major system has to say “go” otherwise it’s a no-go.

    Jason’s idea of having a summary for a topic reminded me of the AWS press release driven products, as in, they write the press release first and if you can get a “sale” from just the press release, then you’re on to something. So maybe write the summaries of the topics first?

    Jason strikes again with the concise phrasing of something Justin is talking about “accountability framework”: reminders, scheduled mastermind meetings; related to a rocket launch, think the launch sequence in any movie where every major system has to say “go” otherwise it’s a no-go

    Another Jason tidbit: “momentum builders” – Newtonian Physics…what stays in motion tends to stay in motion,

    @Jason, Thanks for the updates on Math Academy. My wife and I love Westworld, give it a go and watch a few more episodes, especially after next weekend as the current season will be done and you can binge it all if you do get into it

    Any updates on that AI story you were thinking of writing about?