299.5: TZ Discussion – Maximum Effort!

Justin and Jason discuss why Justin decided to start pushing his Nugget users┬áto launch their ventures (also known as “horsing”) and his plan for how to automate this process, lessons learned┬áscaling Uber, Paul Erdos and the Erdos-Bacon number, the importance of just starting, thoughts on upselling the next level of Nugget services, the latest with the Math Academy pilot and the supporting software platform, the advantages of serving a higher purpose, and the fine line between embracing new tools versus falling victim to overengineering your dev stack.

  1. Hi Guys,

    First 10 min in and Techzing gold .
    The idea of a framework or decision making structure is pure gold. I have been trying to get something going for 5-6 yrs now and the idea of the barriers and that we don’t know what to do next has always been extremely hard to push through. So some framework or structure that gives you direction and if not “the best thing to do” then maybe it gives you the “probably best thing to do”.

    Loving the episode and i am only 11 mins in.
    Keep up the great work and i always look forward to your updates.


  2. Danilo Celic says:

    Great discussion on the next action framework, including the gamification point system to help push you into moving forward. I can see Jason’s side of things about the framework being an up sell, but can also see having a community and/or mailing list that shares the ideas and then using the framework as the product with the community/mailing list being the feeder funnel.

  3. Justin says:

    For those interested here are the latest mockups for the nugget startup framework:


    I will be updating that page when I have new items to put there so if you refresh every few days you should see some changes.

  4. Jason says:

    @Justin – Wow, the mockups looks amazing! You have really developed a talent at that. I can’t wait to see this in it’s finished form.

  5. Shawn Muldrew says:

    Hey guys, another very enjoyable show. As someone that struggles with procrastination, I laughed at the “Maximum Effort!” bit. Maybe I’ll start yelling that at myself to get motivated.

    Justin, I really like where you’re going with the “nugget startup framework” and the mockups look great. I find the learning vs doing is always a tricky balance as most of us forget what we’ve learned pretty quickly without repetitive application. I’ve heard Rob Walling refer to it as “just in time learning”. If you can figure out the right balance in your system it will really be helpful to builders that have skills in some areas, but gaps in others (probably describes most builders). It’s kind of like you’re creating a mastermind group at scale.

    Don’t forget to include the gamification badge of “Maximum Effort!” for the builder with the most points each week!

    Jason, I always enjoy the Math Academy segment. It’s good that you’re documenting it through the podcast as one day it make a great story end to end.

  6. Jon says:

    If you guys ever want some some beta testers to try the Math Academy software as a general purpose education tool listeners know. Curious how much math I remember…

  7. Joe Stech says:

    Your last few podcasts have been really good, both of you are currently working on genuinely impactful projects. It’s inspiring, thanks for sharing your progress.

  8. Stuart Hinson says:

    Great to get another new episode! Justin, easy to hear the difference in your excitement between talking about Nugget and your previous flings. Congrats on finding a project that fits so well.

    I realize it’s potentially tricky to discuss, but any reservations about committing time to side projects when there’s often a higher expected return to simply spending more time on the day job (or consulting)? That is, often (and no idea whether it’s true in your circumstances) the leverage of an existing successful business means the time you give to it has a higher value than a brand new project. Obviously there’s more to the decision than purely the money, but curious how you’ve thought about that.

  9. So, I discovered TZ sometime after episode 299 came out, and I caught up just in time for episode 300. It’s been all TechZing, all the time. Great show! Keep it up!