298: TZ Discussion – Enter the Nugget

Justin and Jason discuss Justin’s new digs, the effects of taking a vitamin B-complex supplement on Jason’s (self-diagnosed) peripheral neuropathy, the launch of Nugget and Justin’s thoughts on it’s future, getting going again on Battle Math, Jason’s desire to play a space-opera style strategy game and how he ended up selecting Space Empires 4X (inspired by Stellar Conquest), Jason’s new workout plan, Justin’s struggle with diets and Jason’s theory on cheat days versus cheat meals, how MV Code Club is opening up it’s 4th location, Gabriel Weinberg’s post on mental models and the inclusion of Luck Surface Area, the summer math class Jason is teaching, the latest with Math Academy and Jason’s meeting with the Institute for Educational Advancement.

  1. Danilo Celic says:

    After listening and coming back to this the next day, there’s one thing that’s sticking in my mind and it’s what Justin mentioning blocks and levers.If I understand, it’s an attempt to provide focus on what is the next effective thing you should be working on.

    It seems like a fairly simple concept, but when I did a couple of searches limiting my results to the presence of both words, or small variations of each (like blockers instead of blocks), and there’s not much with both words together,:
    8 results: +blocks +levers

    5 results: +blockers +levers

    So maybe room for a start-repreneur thought leader like Justin to blog about it. 🙂

    @Jason: When you have your Battle Math bard game working, let me know, I’d like to buy a deck for my nephews

  2. Jon says:

    Hey Jason,

    I’m deep in the board game space but I’ll keep my response to a single thing. You should immediately replace your copy of Risk with the new version called ‘Risk Legacy’.

    You mentioned how Colby won the first game and then everyone game gunning for him the next. That dynamic of the same players playing a game and having the previous game effect the new one — that’s built right into Risk Legacy. The game map and the game rules change every time you play it, and they change in ways that depend on what happens and who won, and how they won. You will draw on the map, you will place stickers, you will rip certain game cards. It starts as a simple version of Risk and then continually adds new things into the game. It’s a neat design innovation that really reinvigorates the old game of Risk.

  3. Jon says:

    Just got the story of the girl who was going to be held back getting through half of Algebra 1 in 4 weeks… wow! The power of positive encouragement and your teaching style, truly heartwarming.

  4. Vincent says:

    Hey Jason, I’m about your age and also have been in sports since high school, guess what? I got tingling in my left heel, but I don’t drink much acidic drinks and eat pretty healthy diet. In my case it was combination of over-training and lower back injury doing deadlifts. I suggest you to take full panel blood test, I took the list from wellnessfx.com/packages and asked my physician to add as many as possible. She called me crazy and said insurance probably wont pay, but everything went fine and I got all the tests I needed (specifically I wanted 5 different tests for Cholesterol, usually they do 2-3) and I found that I have pretty low Iron level.

  5. Jon says:

    Back injuries can cause referred nerve pain for sure. Maybe worth looking into. I have found ‘nerve flossing’ — type of physical therapy — pretty helpful.

  6. Jason says:

    @Danilo Celic – Cool. Hopefully, I’ll finally get my butt in gear and finish this thing up!

  7. Jason says:

    @Jon – Thanks! The whole thing was such a surprise to me and what a great feeling! I have so much fun just goofing around with the kids that I forget sometimes what an impact this kind of class can make for them. It’s kind of humbling actually.

    I’m a little skeptical of the “back injury / foot nerve” connection in my case because it just doesn’t feel like that kind of thing, but I’ll bring it up with my doctor when I go in for my physical in a few weeks to see what he says.

  8. Jason says:

    @Vincent – You’re absolutely right. I just made an appointment with a primary care physician to get a complete physical and I plan on opting for a full panel of blood tests.

    WellnessFX is an interesting service. Thanks for the info!

  9. Justin says:

    @Danilo Celic – Thanks. You read my mind 😉

  10. Martin Baker says:

    Congrats on the Nugget success Justin. Sounds very encouraging. The alumni could be the Nuggetees! I’m still holding out for seeing Justin’s “Memory Hole” as a shipping product one day though!

    Diet – I’ve tried many things but boring as it is, the only thing that never fails to work from me is calorie counting. I’m on 1500cals/day at the moment and walking at least an hour a day (which helps). Not hungry or craving anything.

  11. Vladimir Jankovic says:

    Guys, once more you make my day 🙂

    That story about little girl learning math and loving it got me teared up also while driving my car to work… Can’t think of a much better way to start a day then feeling good and fuzzy early in the morning knowing that there are people out there doing good stuff. Go Jason go!

    @Justin: Nugget is a great idea and that questionnaire you sent us to fill out is one of the best user experiences I had recently. Good, clean, not-annoying in any way. Bravo!

  12. Love the name Nugget, it’s got personality! StartupLab is a great name, but so familiar/cliche it makes me yawn.

    Sounds like you’re onto something Justin. Looking forward to hear updates.

  13. More I think about it, the more I like the name Nugget; it’s more true to the spirit of the product. These ideas are nuggets that could make you rich. It’s like panning for gold. Exciting!

    Also enjoyed hearing the process of gathering the Nuggets (Amazon Turk). Was interesting that the ideas are starting to be similar. Next show tell us where/how you’re finding other sources for nuggets.