294: TZ Discussion – The Jarvis Option

Justin and Jason discuss Justin’s Soylent experiment and the diabetes-friendly shake he’s settled on called Keto Soy, finding the right diet plan, why Justin is splitting time between home and Cross Campus, Jason’s super madness and his new policy against taking on projects that originate from other people, the latest development processes implemented at Modern Teacher – leveraging Laravel’s ORM, test-driven development, hot-seat peer reviews, pull requests and Code Ship, recruiting mathematicians to serve as instructors for the Math Academy and the latest with the software platform, how Elon Musk is having the best week ever with the unveiling and pre-ordering of the Model 3 and the vertical landing of a SpaceX rocket on a drone ship, Ted Cruz’s Simpsons audition, Craig Venter’s minimal cell, why a rising number of startups have no plans to IPO, more evidence that the building blocks of life may have originated from interstellar space, the astrobiologist collecting unrecognizable beings from the stratosphere, recently discovered bacteria that eat pure electrons and plastic bottles, programming cells with Cello, the prospect of a proactive version of Alexa that asks questions and anticipates needs, the review of the HTC ViveBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Cheney’s One Percent Doctrine, the human-robot trust paradox, Alphabet’s two-legged robot, why Google is selling Boston Dynamics, whether software development itself will be automated, services that validate a physical address, an email address and a phone number, why the seeds of your destruction have been sown, The Walking Deadhow the FBI director puts tape over his webcam, the upcoming launch of Kite.com and Jason’s Catalina UFO tour.

  1. Joe Stech says:

    @Justin, I’ve never tried Soylent (I don’t like the fact that it’s mostly maltodextrin and soy protein), but I’m a big fan of liquid lunches when I’m busy — my go-to is usually this rice protein: http://www.amazon.com/Growing-Naturals-Organic-Protein-Vanilla/dp/B00CYQX0OQ/. It’s high-quality stuff, and it’s sweetened with stevia so I’d assume the glycemic index is practically nothing. Sometimes I mix it with vegetable juice or a packet of emergen-c. I also drink it after workouts (in fact, I was drinking some while I was listening to your podcast). The protein has helped me recover 100% from my shoulder injury, I can do 3x reps weighted pull-ups with 80 extra pounds now (my body weight+50%).

    Thanks to you both for the great podcast, as always.


  2. Udi says:

    Hi guys 🙂

    Haven’t heard the entire episode yet, but wanted to share something with you (hopefully it won’t look like I’m trying to promote my own vegan agenda).

    My Mom has Type 2 Diabetes, and for the last 5-6 weeks she sees a Naturopath that created for her a specific diet that suits my Mom’s needs and taste. The general guidelines are: little amount of fruits at first, no animal products (mostly because of animal fats and the side effects animal products create in the body), and increased amounts of certain foods (Oatmeal, millet, veggies but not tomatoes..).

    Now, instead of 5 pills a day she takes 1 for diabetes, her sugar levels dropped significantly, her blood pressure dropped and she lost 22lbs/10kg (she started at 104kg). Never felt hungry and the diet was modified for her taste and needs.

    Now, she can add fish and meat (not a lot, but it’s allowed sometimes), but never milk or dairy products.

    The strategy is to lower the intake of sugar (both natural and processed), lose weight so the fat won’t block the receptors in the muscles that supposed to receive the sugar through insulin..

    After months of discussions with her she finally made this step and never felt better.

    I really recommend looking into this route. I know you tried the vegan diet in the past, but perhaps specific recipes and guiding can make it easier. Also, Dr. Michael Greger talks about diabetes in his book and lecture “How Not To Die”:
    and he explains a lot better about the cause and treatment of diabetes and other health issues.

  3. Justin says:

    @udi & @joe Thanks both very much for your feedback.

    @joe I am using this completely plant based drink here – http://www.amazon.com/Vega-Nutritional-Shake-Vanilla-30-8oz/dp/B0079BZDK0 – The french vanilla is the one that tastes good and so far I have been able to stick to it.

    @udi For the moment I am completely plant based. I am having three of those shakes + 2 large veggie stir fries. Thanks for all the info and wish best of luck to your mom from me 🙂

  4. Noted you mentioning 3D printing in passing. If you want to get Colby playing with that tech now and printing out his tinkercad designs at home, the Fabrikator Mini is cheap and I have heard repeatedly that it prints very well: https://youtu.be/WbdlDR-tEfE

  5. Joe Stech says:

    @Justin thanks, I’ll try that one!

    BTW three Vega shakes and 2 veggie stir fries is hard core. That’s impressive self-discipline.

  6. Jason says:
  7. Danilo Celic says:

    Buying an Echo and at least one Dot soon, and if I ever get a Tesla: https://medium.com/@jsgoecke/commanding-a-tesla-model-s-with-the-amazon-echo-a06f975364b8#.ip10d6mmq