289: TZ Discussion – In Silico

Justin, Jason and Phil discuss how Phil got fit and why he got an MBA, the explanatory power of incentives, Jason and Phil’s time together in college, how nanobots in our brains will make us ‘Godlike’, why uploading your conscience will not make you immortal, creating an earth-sized virtual world, why we may not be able to find any alien neighborsthe anti-aging NAD fad, why Justin decided to kill Spoke and his one-month challenge.

Executive Producer: Ben Reyes

  1. Good to see another episode out!

    The guys over at bootstrapped.fm have started pumping them out weekly come what may because it is in their sponsorship deal that they have to.

    Could you guys maybe sign up with a sponsor? I would be fine with an ad or two if it got you motivated to deliver regularly.

    It’s like with projects, there is nothing like making some money to keep you going through difficult times.


  2. Jason says:

    @Andrew – It’s actually my fault that it took so long to get this show out. We recorded it a week early (because one or the other of us was going to be out of town on each of the following two weekends), but it took me TWO WEEKS to get the show notes done. It’s true that I’ve been swamped with work and various obligations, but that’s a weak excuse, so my bad, guys. ;(

    In terms of sponsorship, we’ve gotten a number of offers over the years, but the sense I get is that it just wouldn’t bring in enough money to be worth the trouble. Would two or three hundred dollars a month be worth having to do an ad or two on every show and also have to deal with all the back and forth with the client? Not to me at least, and probably not for Justin. Now if it was like a thousand per week or something, then maybe, but unfortunately we just don’t have enough listeners to justify that kind of spend.

  3. I see your point about effort – reward.

    But on the other hand, you don’t have just any old audience. For the right advertiser, we have got to be worth a premium. Quality, not quantity ;).

    Great episode BTW.

  4. Another great show! Phil was a great addition, have him on again. 🙂

  5. Sam Lewis says:

    Really good show guys, definitely my favorite of recent episodes.

    Echoing the request for Phil to be in more episodes, he’s really well-spoken/interesting and adds a different energy to the normal dynamic. I think he could probably even do his own podcast but that might just be me trying to push my own selfish agenda in wanting there to be more high quality podcasts available. 😉

  6. Joe says:

    It was great having Phil on the show — there were several ideas that he mentioned that resonated with me. In school I had the same “understand what the professor is looking for” approach to getting good grades on my exams, which maybe meant I didn’t study quite as much as would have otherwise. I also like the broad approach to learning that Phil talked about — it reminded me of an interview I heard recently with Astro Teller (Google X head) where he discussed how the skill of learning is becoming one of the most important skills in the workforce: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/authorMaterialInfo.html?mid=3554

    The conversation about whether or not a copy of your brain downloaded into a computer is ‘you’ was really funny to me, because I have had almost exactly the same conversation with several coworkers. I think every time that conversation plays out it’s always between a person who believes their physical body is integral to their sense of ‘self’, and someone who doesn’t mind the fact that their original consciousness will die normally as long as the computer version lives on. I’d definitely want to download my brain into a computer if I was given the chance.

    Excellent episode, please keep them coming!

  7. Stuart says:

    I played part of this episode via the Overcast app on the phone’s speaker, and at about 57:35, Jason says something rather fast that triggered Siri. Siri thought somebody was saying “I said I said Lego book” or “I said always a cookout.” Which, of course, she could not understand.

    The actual words were something like this: “and I said, or at least I looked like a …”

    Fun with Siri.

  8. Kari says:


    Looking forward to listening this but something wrong with file. My podcaster dosen’t play the episode and the download link is not working.


  9. Justin says:

    @all There’s an issue with the podcast right now. It is broken. See this link for progress:


  10. Justin says: