280: TZ Interview – Mike Taber / The Single Founder Handbook

Justin talks with Mike Taber author of The Single Founder Handbook

  1. Sandy says:

    Around the 6:23 marker:

    Justin: Have you applied the principles of this book to any of your own projects or businesses and seen success, and what are those?
    Mike: Answers something unrelated….

    That’s kinda my complaint about listening to Mike on Startups for the Rest of Us. I see nothing to indicate he’s actually been successful at what he talks about, but is actually an antipattern with Audit Shark. I don’t know Mike personally and actually wish him lots of luck, but it hurts the credibility of the show, IMO.

  2. David says:

    @Sandy: You’re right.Mike has an ‘answer’ to everything, but nothing he tells seems to be a first-hand experience.
    That’s what makes the discussions between Justin and Jason so much more interesting. They chat about their own experiences.
    @ Justin: I like the way you tried to challenge Mike about the MVP. Again, it’s a disappointment that he did not have any personal story to tell about it.

  3. Thank you Justin for doing the interview. I always liked Techzing interview shows, very in-depth with excellent questions. Looking forward to reading Mike’s book. Rob Walling’s “Start Small, Stay Small” was very useful.

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  5. Glad you’re getting back into interviews.
    And big shout out to Mike from a micropreneur academy member. 🙂

  6. Matthew says:

    This was definitely a weird interview. I doubt Justin and Jason are getting back into interviews, this was more of a favor to Mike who was trying to “thunderclap” attention around his book launch.
    I love this podcast and start ups for the rest of us but the interview sounded just like a paid advertisement…sorry just my 2c.