277: TZ Discussion – Select All Delete

Justin and Jason discuss the difficulty of finding a time to record the show, Justin’s walking-desk disaster, his new secret project and his thoughts on using Titanium, the latest on the MVCC, Justin’s movie concept, the show The 100, the roadblocks to getting God’s Tweets approved by the App Store, why you should build a Titanium app for Android and iOS at the same time, the benefits of decluttering your life, generating ten new ideas per day for ten days, the employment-status lawsuits against Uber and Lyft, the incredible growth of Uber’s engineering department, Jason’s ideas for a mobile note-taking app and for a site that teaches you how to do math proofs, the sites Sophia and Brilliant, the status of Battle Math and the latest with the math class.

  1. Joe says:

    I hope you publish Battle Math at some point. I’d like to give some copies to my cousins.

    I recently bought a copy of the “Princeton Companion to Mathematics” — it’s a ridiculously cool overview of elementary through advanced math combined with history articles and biographies of famous mathematicians. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s amazing. http://press.princeton.edu/titles/8350.html

  2. Jason says:

    @Joe – Yep, I’ve been back working on Battle Math for the past week. The kids have been bugging me about it, so it’s time to put up or shut up, right?! 😉

    I’ve had my eye on the Princeton Companion to Mathematics ever since it first came out. I still remember when I talked my friend Ken Dye into buying a copy one day when we were perusing the Caltech bookstore – back when they actually sold BOOKS as opposed to just mugs and t-shirts. ;(

  3. Thanks for the new show! 🙂

    As an enterprise architect I couldn’t help but wince during the segment about Jason’s integration woes at Uber – where no one seems to know all systems and their interfaces. Maybe it’s time for them to invest in enterprise architect, that’s what they help teams with. 🙂

    Is the mobile note taking app a distant cousin of the “Memory Hole” (newer listeners, see http://techzingwiki.com/doku.php?id=memoryhole)? I would still love to see Memory Hole come to life!

  4. About mobile apps, can you have any influence on the Uber Android app Jason?

    On my Nexus 5, the thing blows up to ~160MB of memory usage on open. That has a couple of bad effects:
    1. It is slow to start.
    2. As soon as you switch away it gets force-killed by the system for using too much memory. Then, when you switch back to it (after checking an address in an email, say), you have to start from scratch.

    Relatedly, the app doesn’t remember its state: switching back to it after it was killed, it doesn’t reload the screen it was at with controls filled-out as they were.

    Getting back on topic, is any of this a Titanium thing?

    Thanks also for the episode. Please don’t make this the year of no to Techzing :). I just set old episode to not-listened as far back as my podcasting app will allow and jumped back to Pluggio / Anyfu days. Will fill in with reruns but new stuff will be awesome.

  5. Jason says:

    @Philippe Monnet – There may be people that know all of the systems, but just not the guys I’ve been talking to. I think the reason that so few people have knowledge about all of the systems is simply due to the fact that so much of it is in flux at the moment and the stuff I’m working on in particular just hasn’t been sorted out completely.

  6. Jason says:

    @Andrew Cox – No, I don’t have any influence on the Android app at all. There are well over 400 developers at Uber now, and I know like 20 them … maybe. That said, I’ll see if I can find someone who works on the Android app and let them know about your issue. But none of this has anything to do with Titanium. All of the mobile apps are native.

  7. Hi Jason,

    thanks for the info. Didn’t mean to come over as asking for tech support. I am sure those guys test on recent Nexus devices. They will fix it over time I guess. Most interested to hear that it isn’t Titanium related though.

    Uber got me home on a rainy night tonight when my train was not running. I am definitely a fan of it.

  8. @jason the word you were looking for – antiquated

    It’s a shame about throwing out the books. Old programming books is where it’s at 🙂

  9. Richard says:

    This has got to be a TechZing topic, Tesla AND algorithmic trading!


  10. Jason says:

    @Alfie John – Yep, that was the word! 😉

    Also, I’d be happy to send you my old books on Ajax, XML, Java Servlets and PHP 4 if you want pay for the shipping. 😉

  11. Jason says:

    @Richard – Sure, why not. 😉 We’re recording a show this afternoon anyway.

    But what I REALLY want to know is whether Justin can walk yet or not. 😉