techZING! 27 – We Need To Talk About Our Relationship

Justin and Jason discuss Jason’s addiction to the TweetMiner story, celebrating small wins, Justin’s love of Pivotal Tracker, keeping the development process light, the Indinero controversy, why you should work on an interesting problem,, finding product/market fit with, Justin’s desire to build a better feature ranking tool, the CodeIgniter PHP framework, when to use lightweight and heavyweight frameworks, why not to write a business plan, the book The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses, the importance of abandoning crap and the future of the podcast, TweetMiner and Jason’s secret project.

  1. Robin says:

    Another interesting show guys.
    I agree with the principal that if you are going to work on a long standing product and a framework, plugin or orm etc doesn’t do EXACTLY as you want, then you are going to be much better off building your own to suit your product. I a have used Zend framework in the past and you can really build quite quickly but there are costs and one is performance, to get a Zend application or drupal or wordpress for that matter then you have to jump through caching hoops just to get reasonable performance.

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