276: TZ Discussion – The Year of No – For Real This Time

Justin and Jason discuss the impending delivery of Justin’s walking desk and his health and fitness dilettantism, why Instapaper has become just another “to-do list” for Jason, their respective Hacker News reading strategies, the latest on MV Code Club, how the money raising process differs between celebrity and non-celebrity founders, why Jason pulled out of Empath as well as the crypto-exchange (AKA the “secret project”), why success requires focus, how multiple injuries have put Operation Superhero on temporary hold and the latest with the accelerated math class.

  1. I found footage of Jason learning to dunk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGvyEg4_v30

  2. Joe says:

    I appreciate Justin’s dilettantism — especially since he was kind enough to share his space food with us at the techzing summit. It was an experience I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

    Also, I remember Jason lamenting a while back about how many grams of sugar orange juice has in it. My fiance recently found some Tropicana OJ at the grocery store that had 10g sugar per 8oz — it’s got a bit of Stevia in it as an extra sweetener. It was pretty good, I’d recommend it based on taste.

  3. Yo Justin, I’ll buy the Ambronite from you if you aren’t going to drink it. It can’t be any worse than the Space Nutrients. I’m only drinking three meals a day, so maybe this could be my fourth.

  4. Joe says:

    That OJ was called trop50.

    And @Micah thanks for climbing with us in Boulder, everyone enjoyed meeting you!

    If any other techzing listeners want to do some indoor bouldering (climbing without ropes) in Boulder, CO let me know, it’s always fun to have new people.

  5. Jason says:

    @Joe – My wife just told me that the main ingredient in the low-sugar OJ you’re referring to is water. Basically, all they do is water down the OJ and then add in some Stevia to offset the diluted sweetness. A better use of your money might be to just buy regular OJ and water it down yourself.

  6. Joe says:

    @Jason — they also add malic acid, citric acid, and extra flavors along with the stevia to balance out the extra water.

  7. Danilo Celic says:

    Guys thanks for your podcast, I enjoy listening to both of your journeys.


    I’m considering a walking desk as well for the home.

    I didn’t hear you say who your getting the desk/treadmill from, or the maker and model. Would you mind sharing what you ended up going with and perhaps even some of the other options that you considered and why you went with the combo that you did?

  8. Justin says:

    @Danilo Celic

    Good point!

    I got this base:

    The base is a no brainer it’s the best there is for the price. Super quiet.

    I got this desk with a black base and mahogany top + the power node 2 plug option.


    I wanted the best desk I could find that had a power up/down as I heard it made life much easier to be able to do that (and it does).

    This desk is very nice both aesthetically and functionally. I didn’t like the lifespan desk because of the way they put the control at the front of it and also it looks not so nice, and also it didn’t have electric adjustability without spending way more and still looking bad).

    I’m very happy with the desk I got. The bad part is it took them 1.5 months to get it to me due to their “just in time” build it after the customer ordered it model. If you don’t mind waiting then it is a great option feels like really good sturdy stylish office furniture.

    I don’t recall other options as these were the ones I ended up at after a lot of research.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Danilo Celic says:

    @justin, thanks for sharing what you ended up with. I think that I’d like a desk that I could use as a stand/sit desk without having to combine with the treadmill, so I was leaning to getting them separate. A while ago I was looking at GeekDesk as you can get a wider desk that I think could be as a desk on one side and as a walking desk on the other side.

    As none of the options are particularly cheap, I’d rather not drop a couple of grand on something that won’t work for me, hence, asking you what you’re going with. Plus, it would be for home, not the office, as I don’t think I could get away with bringing one in, and I doubt that they’d spring for one. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you.

    Good luck in your dilettantism.

  10. Justin says:

    @Danilo Celic Thanks! Note the desk I got comes in many widths and I think one is wide enough for a treadmill and also chair.

    I’ve done an interesting hack. When I want to sit I put a plank of wood on the treadmill and then put the chair on it so I can use the same desk for sitting and walking.

    JV The Dilettante

  11. Danilo Celic says:

    nice hack idea with the plank to make it a two for one concept.

    Not sure if you’ve completed your Chicago trip, or on your next trip out, if your interested in a small Chicago TZ meetup, I’d be game, and first two rounds on me.

  12. I have been using this adjustable laptop desk stand when I work from home (and on week-ends) for nearly a year and a half.
    And at work I have been using this model: ErgoDesktop Kangoroo which is very sturdy and comfortable.
    Although it takes some time to build tolerance I can now stand about 6h a day.
    You definitely burn more calories so don’t be surprised if you feel … hungrier. I found that protein bars and shakes help me replenish some energy.

    PS: @Joe, hi from fellow Coloradan in Evergreen!

  13. Richard says:

    @Jason – I’ve just seen the app Short – http://shortapp.co. It sounds like you need a Long app that will only let you see long articles from your Instapaper account until you’ve read them!

    I once started a side project of a self-destructing bookmark site so you didn’t have the hassle of managing a load of articles you’d bookmarked but couldn’t remember why. It sounds entirely counter-intuitive but it seemed like what I needed.

  14. Jason says:

    @Richard – Great idea about the self-destructing bookmark site. It sounds a lot like the way human memory works. Use it or lose it!

    But the long app concept sounds like torture. 😉