272: TZ Interview – Mike Walmsley / Code Avengers

Jason talks with Mike Walmsley, the founder and primary developer of the programming education site Code Avengers.

  1. Thanks, this was an interesting interview.

    One of the takeaways for me was how someone bootstrapping can outlast people who took funding and burnt through it, although it also sounds like he had a lot more passion/energy for the project than the competitors who didn’t survive.

    Nice to hear Colby on the show too!

  2. Jason says:

    @Paul Silver – Yeah, that was a big takeaway for me as well. Also, I love Mike’s passion for doing it right as opposed to just optimizing for revenue or profit.

  3. I really enjoyed the interview. it had the classic TechZing feel of bootstrapping interview!
    The storytelling was entertaining and rich in details. Big thanks to Mike for sharing with us.
    It was fun to hear Colby. It could be good to have him on sometimes to hear the perspective of a young developer these days. I was 13 when I was “bit” by the coding bug but that’s so long ago! 🙂

  4. Mohammed Firdaus says:

    I completely agree with Philippe. That ‘feel of bootstrapping’ is what makes Techzing so unique. You almost feel like you’re there with the guest while he’s building his company.