262: TZ Tech Chat – Derrick Reimer / Rob Walling / Drip

Justin talks to Derrick Reimer and Rob Walling about the Drip tech stack.

  1. Eoin says:

    It was nice to hear the background to Drip’s infrastructure.

    Every project has to begin somewhere, and like Rob says, it takes lots of decisions along the way to get it to something scalable like you have today with Drip.

    Nice to hear about the ~$700/month database server 🙂

  2. essdee says:

    Really enjoyed this episode, wished it had gone on a bit longer. I would have been interested to hear about some of the war stories alluded to. Great job!

  3. Really enjoyed this. Reminds me of some of the old school techzing where it was really technical. Actaully that would be a pretty cool podcast come to think of it, something like a High Scalibility podcast.

    I found the puppet dicussion at the end especially true. Just rolled into a new position and there is a huge reliance of puppet to configure all of the servers (managing over 350 or so at present). I found the syntax to be just plain awful and as mentioned a mix of Ruby and Javascript, but with fussy indenting that makes Python look forgiving. I do love the concept though. As with Derrick however for my own things I use a script (Fabric) that I point at a server and it sets things up for me since I don’t want the overhead of a sever to be the master.

    Anyway more of these sort of interviews would be awesome!

  4. Richard says:

    Also enjoyed this chat, I like the technical discussions on the show.

    It’s interesting that Rob said Drip now has a significant tech stack, from the outside it looks like it does something very simple. But I guess that’s good design if there’s clever stuff going on that the user/observer doesn’t know about.

    Now that Justin and Jason do the shows face to face you can really hear the difference in interaction when a show is recorded over Skype (or maybe Jason just fills in all pauses :).

  5. Jason says:

    @Richard – A truer thing has never been said. I fill all pauses!! 😉

  6. I totally agree with Ben, i also miss technical discussions. By the way, i took a look at Sidekiq, which seems a real deal for background processing. I saw a blog post of Mike Perham, author of Sidekiq, telling that he would be happy to chat with podcasters and bloggers about Sidekiq 3.0, actors/concurrency/threading, sustainable OSS development etc. i would like to listen to him in Techzing.

    Thanks Jason, nice podcast.