261: TZ Discussion – Project Superhero

Justin and Jason discuss the details of Jason’s angel investment in the Mill Valley Code Club, Jason’s weight-loss plan, the power of gradualism, the time required to form a new habit, the importance of short and long-term goals, accountability and positive feedback loops, how an article by Jason’s brother Jay was listed as one of The Atlantic’s top pieces of journalism, a little bit about the TechZing SummitLucid Dreaming, the Pasadena App Academyhow MIT flipped their physics classes, how Netflix is creating original content like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, what makes Silicon Valley so damn funny, the Weissman Score, the Facebook outagehow US Marshals accidentally Replied All to a list of anonymous bitcoin auction bidderswhy it may be time for a hard Bitcoin fork, how Colby is writing a RobotC tutorial for the Mill Valley Code Club and Jason’s expected-value argument against teaching a rigorous, proof-oriented Calculus to high school students and non-math majors. 

Executive Producer: Ben Boyter

Thanks Ben!

  1. Matthew says:

    Make sure you come to New Zealand on your world tour also 🙂

  2. Jonathan Wheat says:

    So I immediately logged into Netflix to add Silicon Valley to my queue and this came up – “Silicon Valley is unavailable to stream”. Are you watching this on DVD? Maybe its available out west and I need to get a proxy to pretend I’m in CA. Maybe they don’t want the rest of the US to know what’s going on out there 🙂

  3. Justin says:

    @Jonathan Wheat – It’s on HBO…

  4. No mention of donation? 🙁 Sad panda…

  5. Justin says:

    @Ben Boyter – Yes! It was mentioned in the show but I forgot to put it in the blog post. I think I’m out of practice! Adding now.

  6. Dylan Roy says:

    I am part of a wedding the weekend of the 18th. If you guys decide to move the Summit to the other weekend that you guys had mentioned I could make it 11, but I assume that would be an issue with the other 10 guys. I could pay before your next podcast to prove that I am serious about it.

  7. Jason says:

    @Dylan Roy – Justin is currently keeping a tally of this. If more people (who’ve made a deposit) can make it the weekend of the 11th than the weekend of the 18th, then we’re going to change it. Since it looks like you made a deposit your vote is officially counted. 😉

  8. Glad to see you guys back on a regular schedule guys! I was beginning to think that “us people” would be hearing a “thanks for all the fish” episode, but you’re back on a roll!

    Weird that you have a lot of listeners in Australia. I’m also Australian, but I have no idea how that factored in me listening to the show? Perhaps it is the combination of the two of you, one American, one Englishman combining into something palatable to the Australian ear?

    And definitely schedule your Australian tour soon please!