258: TZ Discussion – A Sunday Evening with Justin and Jason

Justin and Jason discuss Jason’s night with the “Korean billionaires”, the 30 for 30 documentary The Opposition, the big Digedu demo, Justin’s excitement over Node.js and socket.io, why Jason turned down an IdeaLab company, how Justin finally sold Pluggio and the new side project he’s working on with Lance Jones and Joanna Wiebe called Disco, how CNBC contacted Jason about debating Mark Cuban on high-frequency trading, Jason’s phone call with Mark Groton and the subsequent Gawker leak, Empath and Jason’s YCombinator interview, the latest evidence debunking Washington’s claim about the Syrian sarin attack, and the possibility of hosting a TechZing summit.

  1. Xavi says:

    I’d be interested in a TechZing submit. If it were in the BayArea, I’d even volunteer to organize it.

  2. Douglas Coleman says:

    I would definitely be interested in the TechZing summit! This new episode was great.
    Justin: Congratulations on Jack Vincent and selling Pluggio! 🙂
    Jason: You’re life is beyond interesting and your stories are super interesting.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  3. If it takes you a month to collect these stories then I am more than OK with that!

    Now off you go to play with more billionaires, be on TV, play with the saviours of privacy and we’ll see you in June.

    Love you guys!


  4. dreamoid says:

    Long time listener. I am from Texas, but very tempted to go to the coveted TechZing Summit.

  5. Dylan ROy says:

    I would fly out from Minnesota for any TechZing “meeting of the minds”. @Justin congrats on the sale of Pluggio. I am sure your wife and your future child will find much use of the time that it has freed up if your other Disco opportunity doesn’t pan out.

  6. Edwin Ashdown says:

    Awesome episode and a TechZing summit is a great idea.

  7. Andrea says:

    With you guys not coming to MicroConf and not releasing a podcast I was starting to think something bad happened. I was going to post a question but your comments were locked on the last podcast when I looked. I’m glad that all is well.

  8. Gian says:

    +1 for attending the TechZing Summit

    +1 for helping to organize it (but my help may be limited, because I live in the Bay Area)

  9. Wow, what a great show! Definitely worth the wait.

    My oldest son is named Jack and it is a great name. It is fairly popular so when your son is at school they might call him Jack V, which is cool too!

    Empath actually sounds like a product my company could possibly use. We are a scaling startup currently at the 50-100 employee range and our CEO is definitely concerned about keeping employees happy and loving their job.

  10. +1 Techzing Summit (+hallway convo +events -speakers)

  11. Alfie says:

    Naming something is hard? If you haven’t heard it before, the two hardest problems in Computer Science:

    1. Naming
    2. Cache invalidation
    3. Off-by-one errors

    TechZing Summit? Awesome. Put me down for as tentative 🙂

  12. Alfie says:

    Forgot to mention what an awesome show. I can’t wait to listen to Jason’s autobiography read by Morgan Freeman.

    The first thing I thought about when Justin said a hallway-track style conference, how about something like an even more casualised version of BarCamp:


  13. The story about the night with the “Korean billionaires” was just so entertaining! 🙂
    Congrats to Justin on sending off Pluggio on a new “voyage”.
    It was great to listen to this topic-rich episode. I was also starting to worry about you guys but it’s great that you were just … busy!
    I definitely like the idea of a TZ summit and live show would be really fun too.

  14. Jordy says:

    guys great show! Justin, congrats. i would try to make it down from Toronto for the summit – would be fun. best, jordy

  15. PJ Brunet says:

    The TechZing Summit sounds interesting. But downtown Pasadena nightlife is nonexistent, at least when I lived there, almost everything is closed by 8pm. If I was going to visit Los Angeles, I’d probably stay in Long Beach, there’s more to do down there at night. Or what if you picked another city altogether?

  16. Justin says:

    @PJ Brunet – If you wanted to go off on your own there is great nightlife is just 30min drive down the 110 to the heart of LA. Also, 10-15 mins to Silverlake, Glendale, Atwater Village, etc. But, myself and Jason will be staying in Pasadena 😉

  17. Jason says:

    @PJ Brunet – “downtown Pasadena nightlife is nonexistent” Seriously? When did you live in Pasadena? There may not be hardcore clubbing, but there are a ton of nice restaurants and bars open well into the evening.

    @Justin – Gendale? Bleh.

  18. Fernando Nava says:

    Woud definitely come to techzing summit!

  19. Danilo Celic says:

    Perhaps the TechZing Summit could be in Chicago. Jason could visit his old stomping grounds, Justin can get some work done with the Digedu team, and I wouldn’t need to travel. 😉

    @Jason, I think what you were thinking about when it comes to animations instead of using setInterval is requestAnimationFrame.

    @Justin, congrats on selling Pluggio and starting on another adventure.

    And enough of the secret adventures of J&J, it’s really a tease to hear about this really interesting idea, but neither of you can talk about it. :-p

  20. +1 for the TechZing Summit. My favorite part of the last Microconf was the hallway and evening conversations. I think the TechZing Summit would be a good way to get a condensed version of that.

  21. James Hatheway says:

    Hi guys, Finally got a chance to listen to the show. I came to one of the listener dinners at the Hard Rock when I went to Microconf a few years ago. I just wanted to add a +1 to the rest of the ones to the idea of a TechZing summit, I think it would be awesome.

    Life changed a bit for me and instead of launching something cool, and instead I ended up employed and living in the Cayman Islands instead. Its funny how life does that? 🙂 But I’ve got some stuff cooking on the side, and it really doesn’t take much to get me to fly up to the US for an extended weekend, and the chance to meet cool people and talk tech… Man, I’m sold! When is it going to start again? 🙂

  22. Rob Wilson says:

    Congratulations Justin on your Pluggio news. I’d be interested to know what your plans are with the money, for example perhaps now you can buy a decent quantity of shares in an up and coming stock, rather than just one 🙂

    I would be very interested in your Summit, however I would have to travel over from the UK and I think the costs will be prohibitive, regardless though I think it’s a great idea to get really engaged with your listeners. I used to listen extensively to the Java Posse, they held yearly retreats and it was always fascinating to listen to them afterwards… full of energy and stories.

    Keep up the great work!


  23. Kevin Riggen says:

    I’ll hang out at a Techzing summit. This was a good episode! You got me pumped up to work on a weekend, though.

  24. Another great episode, right up there with the best I think. A great summary of what has being going on in Jason-land and congrats to Justin for the Pluggio sale.