255: TZ Discussion – Will the Real Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up

Justin and Jason discuss why the show has been on a mini hiatus, the Spritz speedreading technology and the open source bookmarklet, Justin’s Catalyst experiment, the face behind Bitcointhe denial and some confirmations by Los Angeles County deputieswhat most likely happened at Mt Gox, autotrading crypto-currencies at Cryptotrader, the death of AnyFu, why Justin likes the idea of being an older dad, the latest at Digedu and what Jason is working on at Uber, the Tesla Gigafactory, Justin’s losing cryptocurrency investments, Peter Thiel’s talk at last year’s SXSW, teaching George Pólya’s problem solving heuristics to the math team, why Nick Bostrom thinks humans could become extinct and the television shows True Detective and Almost Human.

  1. Mohammed Firdaus says:


    Please post the email.


    Mohammed Firdaus

  2. same anon guy says:

    I suspect it was my blog comment that was the result of the conversation in the first few minutes of this episode. I hope this isn’t the case but if it was, understand it was just one person’s opinion on topics that were liked or disliked on the show. I provided feedback much like I would’ve to any show but failed to realize some comments can be hurtful. In retrospect, I wouldn’t like a stranger taking the liberty to speak about my family and I spoke more openly than I should have. You’re doing a terrific job and if I were you I wouldn’t change a damn thing just to piss me off! All the best.

  3. Dylan Roy says:

    Thanks Justin & Jason I had been checking daily for a this since your last podcast. One good thing that came from this little break was that I was forced to look into some other podcasts that I ended up liking. I dread the day you guys decided to stop doing this, but until then continue I will enjoy listening to you guys. This podcast continues to be my favorite one out here.

    – Dylan

  4. Hey,
    regarding the Node.js bug:
    I used Clouseau https://github.com/uber/clouseau and found several places that I actually improved, mostly heavy loops that I made more efficient (wasn’t as significant as the socket.io mem leak, but the numbers showed improvement).

    After I did that change, we still had a memory leak, and when running the profiler it showed that ‘connect’ event takes a long time, so I figured I need to look more into socket.io problem.

    I also tried most of the stuff described in this post series (Node.js w/1M concurrent connections):

    I started to go through socket.io issues on GitHub and found out a lot of people have/had memory leaks for different reasons, and some people just exposed the garbage collector and initiated it from their codebase every now and then. Doing that did help but I couldn’t really test it under real-life traffic so I don’t know how good it really is.

    I came across a blog post (which is offline now, but the cached link is below) that showed a memory leak in socket.io/lib/manager.js in Manager.prototype.handleUpgrade method.

    Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20130715225511/http://jpallen.net/2013/03/08/tracking-down-a-memory-leak-in-node-js-and-socket-io

    The leak is in req.head variable. By the time I came across this post, there was already a “fix” for the leak.
    The official “fix” for this leak was assigning null to the variable after some manipulation was done:

    this.handleClient(data, req);
    req.head = null;

    but it wasn’t working, and I know that because after I added the line from the blog post:

    delete req.head;

    it worked fine (until we had another (smaller) issue regarding transports on certain devices).

    Regarding the bad email:
    A good quote from a movie you can use next time: “Argo f*ck yourself!”
    No one forces anyone to listen to a podcast, your show, your call.

  5. Welcome back, guys. We missed you!

  6. David says:

    J&J…the fact that two of my favorite Techzing moments occurred nearly 200 episodes apart serves as (unnecessary) reminder to me of why I have been a fan since the beginning, and continue to enjoy each new episode up to the present. These two moments also exemplify the two main reasons I listen to the podcast.

    1. I learn a lot. Here’s a 5-minute clip of one of the most enduring lessons….in fact, the birth of a legitimate meme….from episode #59:

    2. I laugh a lot. Here’s a 1-minute clip that makes me laugh every time (often!) I replay it….from episode #245:

    As to the inevitable, occasional negative feedback you receive…..just today I saw this article regarding an internet scale “empathy vacuum”. I hope it’s a good read for Jason…..and a good skim for Justin. 😉

    Thank you for the podcast, the knowledge, and the good times!


  7. Justin says:

    @David – Thanks so much for that. That http://bitsbeensaid.com service is awesome! 🙂

  8. Doug says:

    Don’t stop the show. Haters gonna hate. But who cares. It’s not about them. It’s about the listeners who appreciate what you do. And it stinks having to wait a whole month to hear from you guys again but I understand you’re busy. Try to get back on the weekly basis if possible! You guys are awesome.

  9. Cool a new show 🙂
    Can’t wait to download it and play it! Thanks guys, we missed you. 🙂

  10. Alex says:

    Hey, I understand how comments can be harmful and I understand how this is not a business for you.
    But you’re influencing people and entertaining. So I would just ignore those bad comments and think about the pros and cons. You guys are doing more benefit here. Rather than thinking about not doing the show I would say monetize!.

  11. Alex says:

    Best quote of the show “Magical things only happen to people that are going at a full force”

  12. Andrew says:

    Don’t give up guys!

    I really value listening to Techzing and it would be a sad loss for me if you stopped….not as bad as losing a limb, but close 🙂

    Congrats on impending fatherhood Justin. Keep up the good work!

  13. Will says:


    I love the show. I hope you don’t lose faith and keep it up!

    Have you looked into Namecoin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namecoin)? Seems to resemble what you were talking about with DNS-based cryptocurrency, but it is based on the distributed model.

  14. Robin says:

    Glad you’re back guys, great show.

  15. Clyde says:

    Hi guys,

    Please don’t stop the show. I started late with the show but was hooked after listening a couple of episodes.

    I learn so much from listening to you guys.

    – From the Philippines… (see guys, you have an international following!)

  16. Graham says:

    Great call on ‘True Detective’, I’ve already blasted through the first series following your recommendation.

  17. Stuart says:

    Glad to see a new episode posted!

  18. Stuart says:

    Couldn’t help thinking that the episode of This American Life about the death of a guy connected to the Boston Marathon bombing would make an interesting Letters from the Dark Side segment

  19. Michael Richards says:

    Jason: You can’t change who you are. If you feel it then you feel it. I worked on a project with a group of like minded citizens in our home town to prevent a mall from being built. For over three years of hard work most people have thanked us and contributed to our cause. There were many encouraging words. The one comment I remember the most is the negative (harsh!) one.

    Ben Franklin once said: “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying”.

    Latin expression: Illegitimi non carborundum i >>>> “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

    Justin and Jason > Great podcast > Keep up the good work.

  20. Jason says:

    @All – I apologize for not having the time to respond to all of the encouraging emails. I’ve been absolutely crushed with work (as I mentioned on the last show) and the past few days I’ve been on vacation with the wife and kids so my time has been especially limited. While I can’t tell you how much longer we’ll go on, I can promise that we’ll do at least one more show. 😉 Thanks again for all of the positive feedback.

  21. Vladimir Jankovic says:

    Guys, don’t even joke about “not making podcast anymore” – after almost five years of listening to you two discussing everything in the world, I feel like you are two regular buddies I sit with in a bar drinking beer every weekend feeling like the world is just like it should be…

    It has always been a pleasure to listen to you guys!
    Keep on rocking!

    ps. All kinds of real life situations that produce delays are allowed 😉