254: TZ Discussion – The New Man Plan

Justin and Jason discuss why they’re not going to change the name of the show, the unpaid bill that launched a thousand starships, the cryptography breakthrough that could make software unhackablehow GoPro is going publicRussia’s banning of BitcoinChina’s large scale 3D printersthe breakthrough bionic hand that restores an amputee’s sense of touch, the latest on the math team, how Colby is socially distractible in the same way that Jason is, the news that Justin and Georgie are expecting, why so many projects seem to come to Jason and his upcoming meeting with a couple of billionaire investors, the math tutor who claims to be able to advance gifted kids from arithmetic through Calculus in 2 years and the guy who taught his 7-year old Calculus, the new Snowden interview that has been ignored by the major mediaachieving a form of immortality with Eterni.me and whether Solyent is ever going to deliver.

  1. Justin says:

    @All – I was very tired in this show and made a few mistakes. Where I said your history on youtube I meant facebook – i.e https://www.facebook.com/lookback/ . I said Riyad, but it was actually Glenn, who brought up that iPad was a bad name.

  2. Chris Boesing says:

    The article on the Snowden interview is kind of wierd. The Interview can be found on ARD’s official Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x38jkFlPeg
    Might be that it is just blocked on copyright issues and not because of a blackout by Youtube like the article implies.

    Congratulations on the baby to you and your wife, Justin.

  3. Congratulations Justin!

    I will be that guy getting picky about bitcoin 🙂 Each of the “bitcoin” clones are actually their own network. As far as I am aware they have no communication between each network in any form. Its also why each one’s blockchain is so different in size. Also the difference between bitcoin and litecoin (and its clones, such as dogecoin) is the proof of work algorithm they use to verify transactions. Bitcoin uses SHA256 (hence you are seeing lots of ASIC devices) whereas litecoin uses Scrypt, which is more ASIC resistant (although ASIC is starting to come out for them as well).

    Most of the coins fall into those two groups, either SHA256 or Scrypt. Two coins that I know of that are slightly different are Primecoin and Vertcoin. Primecoin calculates primes as its proof of work algorithm, so its output is vaguely useful to anyone studying prime numbers. Its also the only coin that I am aware of that can only be mined by CPU. This makes it popular to run on botnets and spot instances in the cloud as you don’t need a GPU. Vertcoin by difference uses Scrypt, but a modified version which is supposed to be very resistant to ASIC mining, presumably by using even more memory then Scrypt.

    I think both of you would be wise to actually have a look at dogecoin. The community has gotten more traction then litecoin has in 2 months and is catching up to bitcoin at a staggering rate. Once you get past the meme (which makes it easier to get into I guess?) there is a lot to like and its certainly gaining a lot of a adoption. Lastly its about to have its first block rate halving soon, so now is probably a good chance to pick some up before the price doubles again.

  4. Alfie says:

    Congratulations Justin and Georgie!

    “I was very tired”

    You’ll know what tired means in a couple of months time 🙂

  5. Justin says:

    @Chris @Ben @Aldie – Thanks so much 🙂

    @Ben … So… our big investment opportunity is dogecoin… this is the time that I can justifiably say “the world is going to hell in a hand basket!”

  6. Marc B says:

    Congratulations Justin!

    I can’t remember now but a few weeks ago you made a comment in the show that made me think that maybe Georgie was pregnant.
    By the way, I’m with Jason here, I don’t like saying “we are” pregnant, I don’t quite know why but it doesn’t sound right.

    Well that’s great, means more kid talk in the show! I’ve been enjoying it a lot more since my daughter was born.

  7. Congratulations Justin.

    I have a 6 month old baby girl so I am excited on your behalf.

    An Italian buddy of mine told me “It will be a hundred times harder than you expect but a thousand times more rewarding”. There is some truth to that, I am sure you will love being a dad.

    I hope you guys are having a TechZing dinner / lunch / get together at this year’s Microconf, I would love to attend.


  8. Congrats Justin and Georgie! 🙂
    You will love being parents.
    Also having a child later in life also has some benefits like being more patient and having more life experience to put things in perspective.
    Anyway … I am very happy for you!

  9. @justin It sounds crazy, but the price is going nuts right now. Its the 3rd highest martketcap coin now and the reward is going to drop in 3 days so expect it to go up again.


    I highly suggest reading the above. I don’t agree with it all but mostly it seems right to me. Dogecoin has the potential to be the new litecoin and possibly the new bitcoin. Especially with all of the activity taking place.

    Be sure to have a look at http://reddit.com/r/dogecoin/ as well. The community is VERY active, enthusiastic and generous. They are spending the coins making doge more of a currency and less a value store.

  10. Congratulations Justin and Georgie!

    I’ve listened to every episode. Thanks for being there all this time. I look forward to you guys veering even further off topic into an education and hothousing show once the baby is here. I’m hoping for eighteen years of episodes ahead following Baby X all the way to college :-).

  11. Congrats Justin!

    Something cool happened today. I used Uber when I was leaving a bitcoin conference and on the way convinced the driver to give bitcoin a try (using a mobile wallet app). I feel like I should be picking up lots of internet hipster points from somewhere right now…

  12. Congratulations to you and the wife Justin! Get yourself a dogecoin wallet and I’ll tip you some dogecoin for the baby, on the condition that he/she can’t touch it until they are 18! We’ll be on the moon by then and barrels of oil will be priced in dogecoin.

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea to advertise wallet addresses for a few of the major currencies anyway, if you guys believe in cryptocurrencies, ditch paypal and take donations that way.

  13. David says:

    Hey Justin & Georgie….congratulations on the outcome of your recent microtransaction. In all seriousness, best wishes to your family in the days and decades ahead.

    @Jason & Justin….kudos to you both for having engendered such a great Techzing community. The number of comments to this episode that responded to Justin’s news of their pregnancy exceeds the number of comments that responded to Jason’s news of meeting with billionaires by a factor of…..well, by a factor of some number that Colby can surely calculate quicker and more accurately than I.

  14. Richard says:

    I just started reading The Launch Pad by Randall Stross all about Y Combinator (a very good Valentine’s Day gift). The author was granted access to the YC Summer 2011 batch and has written up how YC works and the stories of some of the companies.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen it before but I was very impressed to see TechZing included as a source (three times!). In chapter 4 a section on Jessica Mah of inDinero uses quotes from two different TechZing interviews and in chapter 5 there’s a long section based on the interview with Patrick Collison of Stripe.

    The book is good so far but there’s been a lot of reference to some of PG’s essays I’d already read.

    And congratulations to Justin and Georgie, really good to hear the news!

  15. Justin says:

    @Richard Wow that’s awesome. Thanks so much. Well I guess it’s true what they say… “Stick around long enough and somethings bound to stick” 😉

  16. Jason says:

    @Richard – Very cool!

  17. Richard says:

    The link to the book in case you want to see your names in print:


  18. Guyon says:

    @Justin – congrats to you and Georgie on starting your very own 3D baby printing programme 😀

  19. nethy says:

    Comhgardeas & Mazal Tov Justin

    *I agree with Marc B
    : )

  20. David says:

    Hey J&J…here’s a pre-launch look at a new podcast app I’m working on. The link will take you to a screencast, and you can find a link to the (very much prelaunch quality) live version of the app on the description page of the screencast:


    (The screencast shows some features that I’ve temporarily disabled from the live version, so watching the entire screencast will give you a better understanding of the app.)

    Here’s some of my favorite Techzing clips:


    As to more important matters….I’m emotionally Gox’d as I wait for your next episode. Neither my imagination of the “best” case — Jason is busy with billionaires, Justin is busy preparing for the IPO of digedu — or the mundane case — Jason is busy with Uber (btw, nice shoutout to “God view” by Travis in his Launch conference keynote via YouTube), Justin is crushing digedu bugs with the same vigor as the pre-digedu education system crushed students’ futures — gives me solace.

    I hope you create a new episode soon…else, in the meantime I hope you create some new clips on BitsBeenSaid. 🙂

    Last thing…I’ve been with Techzing since the beginning, I’ve commented from time to time (and bugged Justin via email once, too)….and it’s hard for me to convey how much it means to me to finally have something to input in the comments field for: “Website”. You both have been a huge inspiration. Thank you.