252: TZ Discussion – Super Accelerated

Justin and Jason discuss Digedu’s latest technical hire, Quizlet’s incredible feedback center, the PHP logging extension Datadog, the realtime dashboard that Jason built for Uber, why hackers haven’t been more creative in the types of targets they’ve gone after, when it makes more sense to buy TV shows than to it does to just watch them for free and sit through the commercials, the TV show Blacklist and how the actor James Spader makes it worth watching, how Justin has started watching The Walking Dead, the upcoming spinoff series and the comic book, Jason’s secret plan for super accelerating the 4th-grade math team and the online math drilling websites AdaptedMind and iXL, why it can be advantageous to push kids to master advanced math at an earlier age, Dropbox’s $10 billion valuation and reasons why the startup succeeded where others failed, Google’s moonshot projects, how value is created by doingMicroConf, how Jason’s purchase of his remaining Uber options wiped out his family’s savings, how a $100 worth of Litecoin a year ago is worth $30,000 today, understanding the altcoin markets, why it’s important to always remain liquid, why Justin is calling peak DogecoinProof Marketmutual companies and whether the concept could be applied to websites dependent on user generated content, how the NSA has devised a radio pathway into computers that aren’t connected to the Internet, how Jason has gone retro with Java and is loving it, the IntelliJ IDE and the DropWizard framework, an AnyFu update, the Catalyst game development strategy, the importance of energetic execution and complementary teammates, and why you must always remain cognizant of your enthusiasm half-life.

  1. Jon says:

    Hey Jason,

    As a fan of the Walking Dead I can’t recommend the Walking Dead game created by Telltale enough. It’s one of the few licensed properties where the writing equals or betters the quality of the original. There are 5 ‘episodes’ in season one and each episode is about the length of a single movie. The focus in on making tough choices more than puzzles or anything else. Especially in the later episodes they drop the other elements and focus exclusively on the hard choices.

    It’s available on pretty much every computing platform: mac and pc desktops, ipad, video games consoles, etc.

    It’s not often that you would recommend a game based on the quality of the writing in it, but this one is truly one of the exceptions.

  2. Jason says:

    @Jon – I try not to play games because I have so little time, but if it’s on the iPad I might give it a try. I just wonder if there’s a way to keep my kids from playing it since they’re on my iPad all the time and it would likely freak my daughters out. 😉

  3. Well Jason I hope you didn’t listen to Justins advice about Dogecoin…. because if you had ignored it you would have missed out on the 3x in price that it just went through. I sent you both a small amount on twitter though so at least you have some 🙂

  4. Jason says:

    @Ben Boyter – Damn, I moved too slowly! I should have bought as much Dogecoin as I could have the MINUTE Justin called the peak. It was like the most obvious, ham-fisted foreshadowing in the worst B-horror movie. (sigh)

    Now that I think about it, Justin should start an “opposite fund”, where he makes the exact opposite trade of whatever his gut instinct tells him to do. Now I’d invest in that! 😉


  5. Well it looks like it may have stabilized now around 0.000002 so it might be worth buying in at this point. It seems to be affected a lot by China so keep an eye out on when its morning then.

    BTW if you both post your Dogecoin addresses ill send you a nice surprise 🙂

  6. David says:

    JSON – highly useful simple output based on JavaScript; provided Uber a lot of options
    JaSON – highly useful complex output based on Java; Uber provided a lot of options

    Justin.TV – based on user generated content; monetizes by trading bits for coin
    Justin V. – based on content generated users; monetizes by trading bitcoin

    Great episode, J&J…thank you!


  7. Justin says:

    @David LOL

  8. Matt S says:

    Jason/Justin – You guys should check out the book “Punished by Rewards” for some interesting arguments against rewards (monetary or otherwise) and punishment (which is just a negative reward). Seems like it would tie into your discussion about monetizing crowd-source data, as well as motivating your school’s math team. Lots of good stuff about the effects of rewards on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

  9. Jason says:

    @Matt S – Cool, thanks! I just read some of the reviews and added it to my Amazon Wish List. It looks really interesting.

  10. Jason says:

    @David – Yeah, that’s pretty clever. 😉

  11. Jason says:

    @Ben Boyter – Awesome! I just need to set up a Dogecoin address. Now … how the f*ck do I do that … ? 😉

  12. Hehehe…. I recommend starting http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/ has the best online community I have encountered so far. The links on the right hand side should get you started too.

    Otherwise, you could take your bitcoin and deposit it into http://bter.com/ and trade for dogecoin. I have been playing around with day trading it and made a little dogecoin. Mostly im doing it because its a cheap way to see how trading works and its fun!

  13. Mikael Green says:

    This answer on Quora (top answer from Michael Wolfe) is a pretty funny (and accurate) theory on why Dropbox succeeded.

    Oh, and great show as usual! 😉

  14. Did you publish your buddies email that gave a guide to the alternative crypto currencies?

  15. Jason says:

    @Stewart Robinson – I’m just going to paste the contents on that email as a comment here. The email is from my crypto-trader friend, Dom, about what he considers to be the most promising alternative crypto currencies. The email was written on 12/17/2013, so it’s possible that some of the things he wrote are no longer valid, or have proven false, but I haven’t re-read it, so I have no idea.


    Ok, the past few weeks have been insane for crypto, most every coin quadrupled or more so that makes it a little tough for me to confidently tell you I think a certain coin will rise. There are a couple coins though, that I believe will end up becoming very popular, and going up a lot more than they are now. One problem, is that China came out and said that no virtual currency can be accepted by a company for payment of goods etc. With that being the case, I am not certain that any of the coins other than 2 or 3 will ever amount to anything in the long run. If other countries around the world come out and say that you can’t purchase goods with crypto, then they are technically not a currency, they are a virtual commodity, and there is really no reason to have 80 different cryptos… On the other hand if a lot of the other countries come out and say you can spend crypto, there is a lot of room for more currencies to flourish. Here is my list according to the coins being accepted as currency.

    1. Worldcoin
    I believe wdc is still undervalued It has a catchy name and a lot more room to rise. It will end up having 230 million coins, as opposed to BTC’s 21 million. So it has roughly 11x the amount of coins that BTC will ever have. Theoretically, it could eventually be around .09. Right now it is .0008ish, so that would be an astronomical increase. I can’t say for certain that it will ever be anywhere close to that price, but it is possible. WDC has very active develpers, and a very professional website. That is a big factor as to how most traders and exchanges look at a coin as legitimate or not. worldcoinfoundation.org

    2. ANC
    It’s kind of bad, but once BTC becomes a lot more regulated, and they find a way to easily trace who/where they are from I believe ANC will skyrocket. It is called Anoncoin (Anonymous coin) and it has a scrambler that scrambles all the coins and addresses when they are sent, making it impossible to trace. I think this coin will be used on the darknet once BTC becomes a lot more traceable. It will only have 4.2 million coins. Right now ANC is at .007ish. I believe ANC could go much much higher, especially if it is on an exchange with much higher volume than Cryptsy. anoncoin.net

    3. LTC
    Litecoin is the second most popular coin out of all of the cryptos. A lot of people refer to LTC as “silver”. If you look at crypto as a commodity (which in my opinion, is what it is), Bitcoin is Gold and LTC is Silver. Litecoin will have
    84 million coins or 4x the amount of BTC. LTC is also popular enough that I would not be surprised to see it very close to 1/4 of whatever price BTC is. LTC right now is .034ish, so I believe it has a lot of room to grow… .15 would not surprise me at all before the end of next year. litecoin.org

    4. NET
    Netcoin is a newer coin out, and has not really caught on yet. I am holding a fairly large amount of NET in hopes that it will gain popularity in the coming months and years. There will end up being around 320 million NET, which is roughly the same amount as FTC. FTC was trading at .001 just a couple of weeks ago. NET is currently trading at .00000800…. So… as you can see it is nowhere near what FTC was trading at. In my opinion NETcoin is a much beter name than Feathercoin. lol It is also 2.5x as fast as FTC for transferring the coin. The developer of NET also seems to be extremely active, always trying to get net accepted by as many sites and companies as possible. I am actually thinking about taking this coin under my wing and paying for someone to redesign their website to make it look nicer, and maybe redesign the coin logo itself. I think if the website and coin can look more professional, I believe it can match or beat FTC in price. I would like to get 1% of all of netcoin and hold them till they are $0.50- $1.00 each. I am holding 665,000 of them right now, and my goal is to hold 3.2 million. I am hoping NET will crash down further so that I can scoop up as many as I can. netcoin.org.uk

    I hope this helps, there are a lot of other coins that I think will rise a lot, but Net would obviously make me the happiest.

  16. PJ Brunet says:

    How close to the Rose Bowl? I lived across the street from there briefly. Arroyo park trail is really nice. Check out the Norton Simon Museum which is across the street–they had some amazing artwork in there from Van Gogh to Degas bronze ballerinas, Warhol, Richard Diebenkorn, impressive collection for such a small museum. I lived there around the time Goto.com was just getting started with paid clicks, before Google/Adwords copied the idea.

  17. Jason says:

    @PJ Brunet – Justin lives maybe a quarter mile from the Rose Bowl, but I live over between the Paseo and Lake St., which is maybe two miles away.

  18. Justin says:

    @PJ Brunet – Thanks for the info. I will definitely check out the Norton Simon Museum it sounds awesome. As Jason says I’m about .25m from the Rose Bowl and about 5 mins walk from the Aquatic Center 🙂

  19. Hi Guys,

    Jason, if you’re liking IntelliJ, then you should probably check out phpStorem. phpStorm is based on the IntelliJ IDE, and brings a lot of the same auto-complete and debugging capabilities to the table. Obviously auto-complete for PHP is a bit less consistent than strongly typed languages like Java, or the .net platform, but it’s still really handy. I’ve been using phpStorm for over a year now and love it, it’s one of the few development tools I actually pay for and don’t mind doing so!