247: TZ Discussion – Death by Bitcoin

Justin and Jason discuss getting the show back on a weekly schedule, how listener Ben Reyes gave Jason a Bitcoin, China’s stance on crypto currencies and why it’s been to their geopolitical advantage to pin the renminbi to the US dollar, how Bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamotois now a billionaire and whether Satoshi is really Nick Szabo, whether Amazon’s drone delivery initiative is real or a cynical public relations ploy, whether drone delivery and self-driving cars are likely to become a reality in the near future, how easy it is to remotely hack into and gain control over a modern car, the fear mongering of mainstream news, the 5K MVP, the Heyday journaling iPhone app, the Pluggio update, Jason’s various secret projects – Vortex, Cryptonite, Givetronic and SnapLearn, using an S-corp to minimize consulting taxes, the prospect of building games in Catalyst, Colby’s day at Uber and the RC helicopters that Justin and the guys at MightyHive bought for him, how Jason and Sandy are going to co-coach the 4th grade math team, how Soylent has hit its 1.0 formulathe creation of XNA – a synthetic DNA that’s stronger than the real thing and the fact that there are likely billions of planets in our galaxy that could support life, the show Alphas, the Mindy Project, the Goldbergs, Defiance, The Black List, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Treme, how the NSA slapped malware on 50,000+ networks, is tracking cellphone locations worldwide and how the NSA’s surveillance is having a chilling effect on American Writers, the new Bitcoin funded Assassination Market and the shocking news that men with attractive wives report higher levels of marital satisfaction.

  1. David says:

    Hey J & J….regarding “La Critique”, I would be honored if either or both of you would consider being the first people to take a look at my project, and then if you think it worthy of your time…to review it and offer your critical perspective. I sincerely believe it is now at a stage where it won’t be a waste of your time, but I’m also prepared to hear about it (and be shamed on a future episode….ha!) in the event that you think it’s awful. Any chance that you’d permit me to submit it to you via email?

    Whatever the outcome….I’ve been with ya’ since episode 1, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re making the Techzing podcast a weekly production again!


  2. Hurrah! Back to a regular schedule. Check your donation box for some value.

    Jason, rather then say Renminbi you can just say RMB. That’s what the Chinese say since its easier. You can also say Kwai (which is the slang version).

  3. Matt S says:

    On the subject of TV recommendations, here’s some I’ve watched recently:

    Black Mirror – self-contained drama/satire series about the dark side of technology and how it is influencing our life, everything is set in the near future, sort of like a modern day Twilight Zone; 6 episodes (BBC/DirecTV), 5/5 stars

    The Wrong Mans – a comedy/light thriller about an every-man who, with a serious of unlikely coincidences, becomes wrapped up in the world of crime and corruption, reminded me of the Simon Pegg Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz/At World’s End trilogy; 6 episodes (Hulu), 5/5 stars

    Betas – comedy about a group of programmers in a San Fran startup accelerator trying to hit it big; it’s like Entourage for developers (just not really as good). It’s kind of cheesy, but hey, there aren’t many shows where the main character makes bitcoin jokes and I like supporting Amazon’s new original content pipeline; 11 episodes (Amazon Instant), 3/5 stars

  4. Aleksander says:

    I just thought the same thing as Matt S while listening to this episode: you’ve got to see Black Mirror. It’s not a normal series actually, because each episode is totally unrelated to the others – basically a short movie. They’re also rather uneven in quality. But episodes s01e01 and s02e03 are a must see. (BM is 2 seasons, 3 episodes each. More to come in Feb.)

  5. Justin says:

    +1 On The Wrong Mans. Loved it.

  6. Richard says:

    I love that a request to reveal what Jason’s secret project was instead revealed there were more secret projects 🙂

    Really enjoyed the show, very pleased to hear you’ll be doing weekly episodes again.

  7. Antonio says:


    I think returning to a more frequent show is such a great idea for your your listeners. My engagement was definitely much more sparse during the last few weeks.

    Justin, if you are so keen on holding some bitcoin you could add a bitcoin donate button? 🙂