246: TZ Interview – Rob Walling / Drip

Justin and Jason talk with Rob Walling about the rollout of his new project, Drip, as well as a few other assorted topics.

  1. Talk about opportune! I was just re-listening to Rob’s other interviews since they are probably the best interview shows you guys have done.

    Once again awesome stuff. Rob love your style and wish I had the guts to go the Micro-Business route you have taken. I tinker, but never enough that I actually have to succeed. Really admire you for having done it. One of these days I will follow your path but probably not yet. I suspect partially is a culture thing as its really not the thing to do in Australia and people seem to like seeing others fail.

    Anyway this like all the other Rob interviews will get a few listens from me.

  2. Thanks Ben! Definitely appreciate it.

    TZ is one of my favorite podcasts to appear on because, as Jason has said in the past, it’s like hanging out with a couple friends in a pub. I also really dig the first 10 seconds of this episode (which I had no idea was being recorded 🙂

  3. Ivan says:

    So glad to hear that you will start posting regularly once a week again I’ve been missing you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH 🙁

    If i may suggest some topics for the next show :

    1) Pluggio update D’oh
    2) Jason secret project revealed
    3) Maybe interview this guy: sparklewise.com
    4) How’s AnyFu marketing consultant working out?

  4. Jason says:

    @ivan – Thanks, hopefully we’ll be able to get back on the weekly schedule and stick to it. I know I have a lot to talk about anyway. 😉

  5. Matt S says:

    Long time listener (since the TZ Daily Days!) – just wanted to chime again and says thanks for continuing to put out this show. I listen to about an hour of podcasts a day on my commute to work and I always pause the others when a new TZ comes out. Glad to hear you guys are looking to re-commit to a more regularly release schedule.

    I’d like to see a refreshed version of “La Critique” make a return and maybe a more regularly “What are Justin/Jason watching/reading?” segment.

  6. Ivan says:

    Second that motion to return “La Critique”

    It is my understanding that you stopped doing it because you felt uncomfortable telling people you don’t know that there is something wrong with there site/app, i see no need to fell like you are disrespecting or embarrassing somebody just because you pointed out how they can improve some aspect of there site/app quite the opposite you are helping people whose sites you review, hope you reconsider and bring back “La Critique” 🙂

  7. Andrea says:

    Interview show ! FTW !

    Very good. I hope you bring these back too. Having weekly podcasts again is great. Thanks.