233: TZ Discussion – My Algorithm Thinks You Look Hot!

Justin and Jason discuss the technologies (Node.js, Socket.io & Redis) that Justin and Udi are using to build digedu’s chat system, using CSS fixed positioning for popups on tablets, the influence of good looks on successMiss Korea contestants and plastic surgery, and Jason’s idea for scoring your looks, using Google Trends to beat the markethow Wall Street is gobbling up two-thirds of your 401(k)sending smart phones to space as personal satellites and the concern about space junksurviving in space without a space suithow the SpaceX Grasshopper flew 250 meters straight up and then landed vertically, the Kickstarter campaign to engineer florescent plants using synthetic biologyZach Braff’s Kickstarter campaign to finance his new film, kickstarting a Dungeons & Dragons project, the prospect of recording a world-record length podcast, the Soylent controversy, what it’s like to get online after 25 years in prison, the prisoner who impregnated four female guards and the prisoner who escaped using a picture of a master key, Jason’s thoughts on OblivionJust Add Content, thoughts on MicroConf, smoke and mirrors demo-ware, the Silicon Valley “miracle machine” and how Meebo is going to be shut downAnyFu’s recent resurgence, why Justin is purchasing a walking desk, the importance of mastering the underlying dynamics of a system and the pitfalls of pattern matching on superficial attributes, the Y Combinator labor arbitrage, how Jason rolled out an alpha version of his secret project for digedu to use, and Justin’s concept of an MDP (minimum delightful project).

  1. Doug Martin says:

    Thanks for the mention. The final Kickstarter amount was $1,908,155. Crazy.

    Here is a link to the Map Maker – http://www.dwarvenforge.com/mapmaker

    It’s all HTML5 – using Kinect.js (http://kineticjs.com/)

  2. Aaron says:

    Pretty cool to hear my name on the techzing podcast! Great meeting you both at MicroConf, hope to stay in touch.

    Justin, if you need some DigEdu smoke and mirrors let me know 😉

  3. Ciarán says:

    Another great show guys, thanks

  4. Tom says:

    I hesitate to leave this comment because I’m still extremely interested in Digedu and Justin’s work there but I’m an avid TechZing listener who works for an education competitor – I promise I’ll keep the tech details to myself 🙂

    On the AnyFu front, I went and checked out the site after the show and its come a long way since I checked it last! I love the idea of bumping in-demand experts to the front of the line. Maybe you can add a search field on the home page and track what expertise people are looking for.

    Love the show – thanks for all the hard work!

  5. Alex Gemmell says:

    I’ve not heard the show yet but I’m interested to hear what you guys think of Node.js, Socket.io & Redis. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread! I’ve added it to my Varnish + Nginx + PHP-FPM + Percona Server stack for the best gosh-darn stack I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.


  6. While not really sensible, it is totally possible to replicate the node, redis and socket.io stack with PHP, via reactphp, ratchet and predis-async. The code even looks pretty reasonable. Here’s an example for pushing redis pub/sub through websockets https://gist.github.com/jmoz/4594162.

    There are lots of reactor pattern implementations out there, node.js just came along and made it really accessible and really fast, so it just took off like crazy.

  7. John T. Rollins says:

    @Alex Gemmell, You make a strong case for software regulation. This developer pop culture crap is terrifying.

  8. Jason says:

    @Dave Marshall – Yeah, that sounds kind of crazy, but I like it! It gives me an idea … 😉 Anyway, we’ll talk about it on the show.

  9. Jason says:

    @Doug Martin – Congratulations! That’s simply amazing.

  10. Jason says:

    @Aaron – It was great meeting you as well! We will definitely be in touch, whether or not Justin needs some smoke and mirrors. 😉

  11. Jason says:

    @Ciarán – Thanks! We’re glad you liked it. 😉

  12. Jason says:


    Doh! I guess there are digedu competitors lurking in the TZ shadows. My bad, Justin. 😉

    Yep, that’s a good idea to “add a search field on the home page and track what expertise people are looking for” and it’s something we’ve had in the back of our minds for a long time. Like Justin said, AnyFu might be the little engine that could. One expert at a time … 😉

    Also, thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  13. Good call on Tesla Jason, http://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-q1-earnings-2013-5

    that news should put a smile on your dial 🙂

  14. Danilo Celic says:

    Loved the discussion on pattern matching on superficiality. I’m looking forward to hearing more about both of your journeys in understanding.

  15. Very happy to have just discovered Techzing via Startups for the rest of us. This was the first episode I’ve had the pleasure to listen to and now I’m starting to work my way through the back catalogue.

    Did a quick search but couldn’t find anything definitive about the world record for the longest podcast. There was some talk on TWiT of Leo trying to do a 24h+ podcast on New Years 2014, but I can’t recall if they thought that’d be a world record.

    Found Justin’s twitter account, but I couldn’t find Jason’s. Any clues?

  16. Justin says:
  17. Jason says:

    @Ben Boyter – Yeah, TSLA is kind of working out so far. 😉 It went as high at $71 in aftermarket trading yesterday, which is kind of amazing. Obviously, I believed the company would do well over the long term, but I really didn’t anticipate the stock price to rise this high, this quickly. Crazy.

  18. Jason says:

    @Danilo Celic – Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. 😉

  19. Jason says:

    @Eliot Sykes – Welcome aboard!

    As it turns out, I listened to an episode of The Walking Dead ‘Cast recently where they were interviewing Jay and Jack of The Lost Podcast, and apparently they did a 24-hour show at one point. I think they said it just about killed them.

    Maybe we could try doing an ultra-long show first – like maybe 3 or 4 hours and see how that works out. Kind of do a prototype. 😉

  20. Marcos says:

    Hey Justin, I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet: http://avichal.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/why-education-startups-do-not-succeed/

    It basically says that education startups shouldn’t focus on quality, but then again, that’s from 2011, his experience is with higher education, and sometimes early==wrong.

  21. Alex Gemmell says:

    @John T. Rollins – I have no idea what you are talking about. What is so terrifying about it?

  22. Hi guys, long time listener here. Love the show.

    I think in this episode you praised a PHP framework that was based on symfony maybe? If you recall that, could you remind me which framework you talked about?

    I’m looking into starting a Titanium app based on your previous suggestions and would like to start the server side on the right foot as well.


  23. Jason says:

    @Gazi Alankus – The PHP framework is called Laravel – http://laravel.com. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s used it has had very positive things to say about it, so it’s definitely worth a look.

    Laravel + Titanium would be a nice stack. Please let us know how it goes!

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