230: TZ Discussion – Foot in the Face

Justin and Jason discuss the new server and router for running Catalyst sessions locally, how to keep the databases in sync and plans for the Catalyst software, how a couple of bug fixes have dramatically improved Pluggio’s stability and performance and the possibility of growing or selling it, the Chromebook donated to Catalyst by Ben Rhodes, the AnyFu expert recruiting process, the sleuthing of Jason’s secret project and how he’s attempting to focus his efforts, Jason’s awesome on-demand sys admin, how he’s outsourced Colby’s baseball instruction and why he’s reading Ender’s Game to him, the process of transitioning to a new computer and thoughts on saving versus deleting old code, advice on learning how to program and the psychological toll of trading, Justin’s advice on building a SaaS app, more on why entrepreneurs should not select cutting edge technologies when outsourcing product development, and finally the foot-in-the-door technique, the door-in-the-face-technique and the foot-in-the-face-technique.

  1. Even if you’re not using full blown replication, you can still configure your hosts to never assign conflicting ids. That can be very useful if you want to run both servers at the same time. For that you only need to add auto_increment_increment = 2 to your config and auto_increment_offset = 1 on one host; auto_increment_offset = 2 on the other.

  2. Jason says:

    @Stanislaw Pitucha – Oh, that’s really cool! Great idea! Thanks for the advice. 😉

  3. Jed says:

    Alternating ids gets messy after 2 servers, but that may be a reasonable tradeoff. Check out what worked for Instagram

    In the vein of offline development, I’m sure you saw the Kickstarter for offline Git in the browser

  4. Ignacio says:

    Jason, people are actually full stack developing on Air’s, I know a few people, and myself actually,
    I ordered the one with 8gb, i5 and works great, even for xcode etc.

    also the small air doesn’t cost 1200, its more like in the 800’s.

  5. Jason says:

    @Ignacio – Interesting. What size screen do you have? Also, do you use a larger display when sitting at your desk?

  6. @Jason
    I worked with the 11″ MBA for a long time, and sometimes connected it to an external monitor.
    The resolution is high enough, and I got used to it quickly.
    The only reason I had to use an external monitor is when screen sharing or watching a screencast (basically had to see large videos in their native resolution), but other than that – for development – 11″ is enough.

  7. Jason says:

    @Udi – It’s amazing that you can be productive that way, but I suppose like most things in life you can adapt. I personally find working on large screens to be a major productivity boost, which seems to be in line with the published research on the subject:


  8. @Jason I agree, at my last workplace I had 27″ Thunderbolt Display, and sometimes 2 of them. And it is incredibly useful, but I never felt like I get much more done, it only helped me with having more windows in front of me and saved the window switching time, nothing more (at least for me)

  9. While I have seen a lot of people using a 11″ monitor to develop on, im firmly in the bigger is better camp.

    For me its about avoiding eyestrain. I can bump the font up to a largeish size (16 pt usually works well) and avoid squinting.

    For the record my eyesight is perfect (or so the doctors tell me) so its not a “needs glasses” thing either.

    Thought for your next show, id love to hear more about how you developed HTML5 phone applications. I’ve been asked to look into it and Phonegap + HTML5 seems to goods, but I would rather use some existing UI components then build them myself. Tried jQuery mobile and I have issues with its “flashing” all the time etc….

  10. Andrea says:

    @Ben You might want to look at Zepto or jqMobi (recently taken over by Intel – jqmobi.com). I am using jqMobi and like it.

  11. Ignacio says:

    @Jason, I use 13″ inch Macbook air 8gb ram, i5. and when using it on desktop I use a pretty large dell monitor 30″,
    I found that switching between the 2 screen sizes is very refreshing.
    I always have a few things open, Sublime Text 2, Adobe Fireworks , CodeBox, and a focus app called “Concentrate” to keep me off the news pages. Runs smooth.

  12. @Andrea I did have a look at that but couldn’t find any decent examples. Ill have a closer look now but do you know of any? I just want to see how things should be laid out rather then figure it our myself 🙂

  13. Andrea says:

    This is a good area to start:


    This quickstart shows how to make the “page” elements in a fixed way. I prefer the flexibility of the custom header/footer layout.

    I use the stylebuilder (find it in the menu at the top) to create the CSS by default. Then I tweak it.

    I haven’t finished my app so there are things I have yet to do. So far I like this framework and I think the recent buyout by Intel should only make it better.

  14. Andrea says:

    @Ben, I just clicked on your link to your site. I did the Six Foot Track 🙂

  15. Thanks for the links! Ill have a play with it when I head back to work.

    Oh cool! The six foot track is pretty awesome. I walked it quite a while back but some of the views are breathtaking. Did you do it the easy way (Jenolan to Nellies Glen) or the hard way (reverse).

    If you like that walk I suggest the Starlights Trail in Natti, or during summer Guthega to Blue Pool in the Snowy Mountains.

  16. Andrea says:

    Easy way apparently. I thought I was doing it the logistical way since I didn’t have a car. I’m not in Oz so those may have to wait.

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