228: TZ Discussion – Reinvented Here

Justin and Jason discuss the Uber nearest drivers challenge, specifically a clarification on Jason’s “reinvention” of the quad tree algorithm as well as a description of a new and improved version, Udi’s arrival and participation in a Catalyst session, the Catalyst text-adventure project, future plans for the Catalyst IDE and the idea of making Catalyst an online offering, the NYT’s Tesla test drive controversy, how Uber was ranked as one of Forbes most innovative companies of the year and Uber’s fight against regulatory barriers, Jason’s recent obsession with The Walking Dead and why Justin prefers teen dramas, how Udi’s family escaped racial persecution in Turkmenistan, maintaining an old version of a software project while moving forward with a new version, securely storing passwords, a list of some favorite podcasts, and what it’s like for Udi to be trapped inside of a TechZing episode.

  1. Man, I was getting into Walking dead for a while BUT after the mother let her son wander off for the 27th time I couldn’t keep watching. I was waking up the kids too much by shouting at the screen. I can suspend disbelief enough to believe zombies have overrun the planet, but not enough to believe people can be so STUPID! Gah!

    I reckon if the guys from “Startups for the Rest of Us” ever start trash talking about your trailing in the review count, perhaps you should point them towards your comment count. Game over man, GAME OVER! 🙂

    @justin, how come you haven’t updated the podcast album cover to use this doozy? Stand back ladies!

  2. Justin says:

    @James. Yea good points. Love the one about comments. I’m gonna bring that up next show. Re the picture, maybe it’s a bit to severe for the podcast cover… 😉

  3. Stanislaw Pitucha says:

    I became a huge fan of the edX project after I took 3 of their courses. I do agree that the physical universities are going get smaller at some point in the future. Actually, if I can’t get a full degree from edX in 5 years, I’m going to be rather disappointed with them.

    PS. Udi got it right on the first try – “c” is silent.

  4. Jason says:

    @James P. McGrath – Yeah, I feel ya. There are a few things that drive me a little crazy as well, but just like Lost and Fringe, I’m hooked. 😉

    I love the “game over” clip from Aliens. Two of my other favorites are:


    How old is that picture of Justin? I’m pretty sure the last time he looked like that Seinfeld was still on the air. 😉

  5. Jason – how about a list of podcasts you listen to? Justin, you too.

  6. Ha.. so this is how my voice sounds to other people..

  7. Craig says:


    “Note: Computing the uncompressed quadtree can take unbounded time”

  8. Andrew says:

    Check out the infinite monkey cage for a great comedic science podcast. I know you’ll like it!

  9. @jason – that photo of of Justin is the one he has on his blog! Are you telling me that not only is Justin’s twitter account “partially” automated, but he is also putting up a 10 year old photo of himself on his blog? Next thing we’ll learn that his accent if fake and his html5 apps are actually native! :-p

  10. Richard says:

    Udi should take some pictures if he’s there when the next show is recorded so we can see the creative process happening! Maybe you could replace the mug shots with some ‘action’ shots.