224: TZ Discussion – Your iFactory Future

Justin and Jason discuss Jason’s new iPad keyboard from Logitech and the Zag iPad keyboard, Justin’s past life in Ireland and England, his first computer and how he became a musician, the pre-history of the Khan Academy, the crazy story of the Virtual Irish Pub and how Justin met his wife, Justin’s idea for creating videos for CatalystPostalPix’s search for a CTO, a guy in Shenzen who’s printing circuit boards, a DIY Bioprinter, the future of 3D printing and how automation is wiping out middle class jobs, the future of self-driving cars, the continual rise of TSLAwhat it was like to work with Steve Jobs, his love for product development and his obsession with secrecy, the conclusion of Fringe (don’t worry – no spoilers) and Jason’s favorite quote of the series, Jason’s lunch with the director of STEM education for the Pasadena Education Foundation, the power of math and science and how to sell it to kids, the idea for creating a Catalyst hackathon and getting the Upverter guys involved, an update on the outsourced AnyFu recruiting effort, Jason’s success outsourcing sys admin work on Freelancer.com, the What Would Rob Walling Do t-shirt, how Jason has been getting a lot of email asking him for advice about high-frequency trading, making the transition from doing project work to getting paid for advice, and the story of how Justin recently became CTO of daiagaeadaua.acaoa.

  1. Travis Cardwell says:

    You may find the following article useful in building up your screencast technology stack:

    How To Screencast Like The Khan Academy

    By the way, thanks for appending the previously recorded Digedu conversation to the end of the current episode. It makes listening to it easy for MP3 consumers like me. 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    How do you spell the name of the company that Justin joined?

  3. Justin says:

    @Andrea Like this… daiagaeadaua.acaoa

  4. Andrea says:

    Thanks. I tried that with .com and knew that wasn’t the site.

  5. Hey Guys, great episode!

    Like both of you (and most nerds) I am very excited digital printing about and driverless cars. We’re finally living in the future!

    @Jason – you mentioned “driving down to the driverless car showroom”. but I think that with the advent of the driverless car the the concept of personal car ownership will become old fashioned real quick. I know that I will be happy not having to worry about parking, insurance, registration, depreciation, theft, damage, car servicing, wasting time filling up etc. I can’t wait!

    WRT to math/science “pin ups”, my favourite (fictional) dude is Tony Stark. I’m almost 35 and I still want to be Tony Stark when I grow up! 🙂

  6. Jason says:

    @James P. McGrath – Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

    And you’re totally right about Tony Stark! I CAN NOT believe I forgot to mention him! He’s the perfect example of a genius engineer who’s also a total badass and the coolest guy in the room. In fact, I always point out to Colby how he’s the ultimate engineer. Needless to say, we’ve watched Iron Man and Iron Man 2 together numerous times. 😉

  7. Dammit, someone beat me to the Tony Stark comment! He is the ultimate nerdy cool guy.

    I think he somes it up well himself in The Avengers…

    Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?
    Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

  8. Hey guys, nice to hear a story with a personal touch!

    “Crazy story of the Virtual Irish Pub” made me laugh on a way to work, and you could hear the remnants of Justin’s ‘Irish ego’ in his effort to do with Digedu segment what he wanted 🙂

    Priceless ! Thanks again guys!