208: TZ Discussion – Boundary Testing

Justin and Jason talk about the latest progress on AnyFu, the new Catalyst volunteer CJ Winslow and lessons learned from the most recent session, Justin’s new version of SkyBoard and how he built it using his new Javascript framework $$, the idea of creating a programming game in the style of DragonBox, their recent outing to a Richard Dolan talk, how Jason is getting back into watching Battlestar Galactica and why warp drive may be more feasible than previously thought, how Jason needs to buy a new printer, using Redis at Uber, the tradeoffs of storing schema-less JSON data, and why you shouldn’t believe the hype about Iran conducting cyberwar on the U.S..

  1. Hey guys,

    @Justin – I’ll be glad to play with $$ 🙂

    @Jason – what profiler did you used for Uber? I have a node app that spikes to 50% CPU suddenly and I can’t figure out why (used Nodetime and extensive loggin, but couldn’t find what might cause it).

  2. Holy crap he does look 100% like what I would have expected!


  3. Brian Hughes says:

    So when does AnyFu get a call-to-action button? The world waits.

  4. Thanks for the mention guys, I’m flattered you like the design I put together for the Whicher. I’m primarily a developer and I have a bit of an inferiority complex about my design skills, so I appreciate the kind words!

    @Jason – Justin forgot to mention that donation is earmarked for your iPad fund 😉

    @Justin – I’m know you’re tired of pluggio, but I think app.net integration would be a good idea. Thanks to twitter’s api changes I had to get rid of IFTTT, and as a result I’m now using buffer to schedule updates (though I still use pluggio to watch my DM inbox and mentions, etc)

    Also in support of app.net, it’s currently a marketer’s wet dream: (1) There are no API limitations. (2) the community is very targeted (all social media gurus and developers). (3) there are virtually no spam accounts since the audience is small. (4) People aren’t yet jaded and get excided when they receive a notification they’ve been followed.

    The main argument against it is that since it’s so young, who knows if it’ll be around in a year.

    I’d like to point out that there are over 20k accounts now. Every one of those people paid a minimum of $50 for the first year of service. If you do the math that’s at least $1M in revenue in their first few months of operation. They might be more profitable than twitter already!

    Just sayin

  5. oh yeah, and I’d like to check out $$ as well!

  6. @Brian I totally agree. Probably right below the text in the hero unit like so?

  7. Justin says:

    @James – Thanks for the app.net idea. I will have a think about that. Re $$ I’ve put it up on a site for people to have a play with here:


    Hopefully the real site’s DNS should start resolving soon too.


  8. Stuart says:

    Have you consider using a virtualbox or other vm appliance at Catalyst for setting up your python dev environment? That might minimize the amount of dorking around required with different OS configs.

  9. Thanks for the mention of DragonBox!

    As for a somewhat difficult programming logic learning game, have a look at CargoBot on ipad.

    It would be nice to have something more in that area.

  10. Jason says:

    @Jerome Lacoste – No problem, I love DragonBox! It’s the most innovative educational game I’ve ever seen.

  11. Jason says:

    @Brian Hughes – I know, I know. It’s been pretty slow going lately. ;(

  12. Jason says:

    @James Robert – Thanks so much for the donation! I think I just might have to buy myself an iPad for my birthday, which is tomorrow now that I think about it. 😉

  13. Jason says:

    @Udi Mosayev – Guyon and I built our own profiler in Javascript, which Uber is open sourcing. One of the new developers at Uber is responsible for creating the public repo on GitHub and I think it should be out next week. I’ll talk about it on the show this weekend.

  14. Jason says:

    @Ben Boyter – Yeah, see what I mean! 😉

  15. Richard says:

    Regarding your SkyBoard implementation storing JSON objects: mongo has a $inc operator that lets you increment a value in a stored document without reading and writing the whole document. Also if you use mongo you can run queries on all the fields of the stored JSON.

    Other NoSQL databases may do the same. I’ve only used mongo in development so far, there may be more to learn to use it in production. And as Jason said, at this stage if your solution works that’s all that matters.

    SkyBoard sounds interesting, is it different from creating a poll like twitpoll? I’ve used doodle.com a lot for scheduling meetings, their business model is similar to what you were discussing; it’s free to use but shows ads, there is a paid version for companies with no ads and their own branding.

    Great show again, thanks!

  16. @Jason – thanks!
    Happy birthday btw!

  17. Jason says:

    @Udi Mosayev – Thank you very much! 😉