206: TZ Interview – Corey Maass / The Birdy

Justin and Jason talk to Corey Maass, founder of personal expense tracker, The Birdy.

  1. Aleksander says:

    Great interview! It’s nice (and motivating!) to hear a bootstrapper succeed.

    BTW, you were talking about drones on the last Ep, so check out those two Swiss guys invading your lil’ town. 😉 hi-def & full screen a MUST!

  2. Corey says:

    Thanks, Aleksander! And wow, great video.

  3. Super episode guys. Love the interviews and this was a real classic. Corey’s story is impressive and shows the efforts required to bootstrap.

    Corey attributed some of his success to luck, but do think his involvement in the startup scene helped his “luck surface area” plus sounded pretty adaptable to applying new ideas/approaches.

    Travelling Europe while having a team of interns support the business – living the dream!

  4. Richard says:

    A great interview and a really interesting story. I’m looking forward to trying The Birdy at some point.


  5. Great interview! I think you did a good job breaking down the “miracle function”.Congrats to Corey too! The story again shows that focusing on MVP and iterating often / steadily, with a ton of focus and hardwork can lead to success.

  6. Vladimir Jankovic says:

    Great interview guys!
    Corey sounds like a really good guy, and best of the show was his response to: “Why wouldn’t you place adds in your emails?” – “…hhmm.. Because I don’t like products that have them!” 🙂

    Once again, great show and living proof that listening to Techzing is not a waste of time ! 😉