techZING! 14 – Four’s A Crowd

Justin and Jason speak with Peldi of Balsamiq and Jason Cohen of Smart Bear Software about marketing your product, growing your company and sticking to what you love. They also talk a bit about the mathematics of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

  1. Peldi says:

    Thanks Justin and Jason for having me on again and thanks so much to Jason Cohen for his advice, I can only hope to reach his level of eloquence coupled with right-to-the-point-focus in the years to come. 🙂

    A couple of notes:

    – does anyone here know a web app that makes it absolutely painless to manage/pay affiliates?
    – how I use Twitter:

  2. That was a blast guys! Thanks again for having me on.

    Peldi has built a business which both financially and personally is a model that thousands of startup owners should strive to emulate. When in doubt, copy Balsamiq. (Not Microsoft!)

    Cheers all.

  3. Peldi and Jason (Cohen)- it was a pleasure to have the two of you on the show again. It’s always interesting and educational to hear what you guys have to say. I think probably the most rewarding aspect of doing this podcast is having the opportunity to meet and speak with people like you. Thanks again!

  4. ayoub says:

    the story about zombies rmindes me of this article

  5. Hi guys! you are both an inspiration! I recently decided to quit my job and have a crack at launching my own things (, Listening to these podcasts have been really great and provide motivation to carry on!

  6. Justin says:

    @Andrew Dyster
    That’s great to hear. That’s what it’s all abotu for us 🙂